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V123 2011-11-16 15:55:54



How to reduce the fat around the tummy. i want to reduce weight.

is there any medicine, oil, fitness mantra ???



Rubu 2011-11-16 23:59:44


First try to lose weight by doing simple cardio if you are extremely overweight..

Find your height by measuring it with a tape.. weight, buy a digital scale if need be , then calculate your BMI, you would get a fair idea whether your are overweight and if yes by how many kgs.

Then plan a cardio( high intensity- u must sweat) , it cud be walking or jogging or tread mill etc.. once your heart beat oges up, now your body is warmed and gered up for other toning exercises using weights and pilates etc

Do stomach crunches, backward crunches, you can see these videos on youtube ...

the idea is to balance cardio and all other toning exercise.. and to include a healthy diet together with it..

another site which i recommend is www.sparkpeople.com if you follow it perfectly.. they wud guide you on your diet and exercises to be done on a daily basis and its all free./

stay motivated.



NJ 2011-11-18 01:51:10



I had lost around 17 kgs of post pregnancy weight in 4 months by doing the following -

  1. First thing in the morn drink Green tea+tulsi(from fab india organics) with honey and wait for 2 hours before having any more food. During this period walk briskly for atleast 30 mins.
  2. Avoid rice, sugar and sweets(Chappatis, oats , veggies-except potato-- and other forms of complex carbohydrates is ok)
  3. Dinner time stick to fruits negative calorie, low glycemic index fruits like papaya

Kishu 2011-11-18 10:17:14


Hi NJ will surely try it out


Gigini 2012-01-01 12:40:55



Hi Moms,

           Thanks fui. What is green tea? where to get that and what is the price of it?

           I too had reduced my weight by around 10 kgs after delivery. Still My tummy looks big round in front.  I could not reduce my tummy....  plz help me ur some more tip


NJ 2012-01-01 13:53:42



Avoid starchy food like rice and potatoes. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. maybe 5-7 meals every 2-3 hours. Also sometimes there may bewater retention in your abdomen. Reduce your salt intake. Do stomach cruches. Excercises like squatting and getting up, lying on your back and raising your head and lying back again. That will tone your abdomen muscles.

I used to use the brand of Green tea from fabindia. This is available in fabindia outlets and also in some big supermarkets. Green tea as such you can find in any of the supermarkets in teh same section as you find regular tea. If you dont have acidity issues, mix a lime with it to increase your metabolism. Dont have anything about 2 hours from when you have drunk this tea. So its best to do this early in the morning when you wake up. It also helps with detoxification.




winy1984 2012-02-15 16:33:47



17 Kgs of  weight loss in abt 4 months is really a tough one...Kudos! U hav done this...

And thanks to the Green tea tip...i know oats, chapathis, veggeies, friuts works great. But the problem is chapatis (3-4) for a lunch is defenitely not sufficient till 8 pm especially for working women.  5-7 meals for short duration is not all that feasible for office-goers...

Pls suggest a diet plan/chart.


Krishvish 2012-02-16 00:37:25



See the first thing u should remember while dieting is Dont do fasting. Some are thinking if we skip diet it will work out. It is very wrong. Suppose if we skip one time meal then we will feel very hungry and we will eat more for the next time soon get tired and sleep also. What i will do while dieting is i dont avoid completely all the things. I love sweets but i will eat it very small quantity instead of completely avoiding. Before taking a meal drink water it will make our hunger less. 

For office goers we should pack  things like salads, low calorie biscuits, dry fruits, butter milk , sproutted cereals like that. If we feel hungry or tired between the meals we can have any one of these which is filling and healthy also. 

Even while dieting we can take mixed dry fruits which will increase the good cholestral which is necessary for us. More over we should be aware of the calories for the food we take and also the ingerdients in that. Avoid the foods made of Maitha, White sugar, Bakery productsand deep fried. Green tea / Black tea, Raggi, Oats, High Fibre riched foods, Soups, vegetables and fruits all are good. Slow and steady gives u a good result. Follow proper timings for eating. Finish dinner before 7.30 to 8.00 pm which should be a light one.

The very important thing is Be Confident and positive. Definetly it will work out.





balakrishi 2012-02-16 06:00:32


All the points by KrishVish is valid...

Am sure sure if its right not having breakfast and just green tea for two hours after waking up cos body was fasting the whole night and needs food for immediate recovery and energy.

I highly recommend the book "Dont lose your mind, lose your weight' by Rujuta Diwekar. Unlike other books on diet taht is western where we dont know half the items mentioned, this one is completely indian. The books offers some awesome tips with scientific rationale.

The one I liked best was which I was not aware before is that when we diet by not eating at all, our body goes into teh starvation mode and tends to think that this person is not getting enough food, so it starts storing fat for future use. So contrary to our thinking that if we dont eat we will lose weight, it will work the other way round. We may have smaller quantities for meals every 2 to 3 hours so that our body gets continuous supply of food and energy. If we go without food for long hours, we will hog at the next meal.



NJ 2012-02-16 21:46:54


I never skipped any meals. But instead of starting my breakfast at 7 AM, I advanced my start of food intake to 5AM and had the Tulsi green tea +lime at that time. Then went for brisk walking. Used to walk 5 to 6 km per day. I treasure this excersise than any other excersise, enjoying nature and the fresh air. Then at 7 AM, light breakfast. Then meals , snacks, dinner followed. But I avoided starchy and oily foods and ate more negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods are apples, papaya, lemon, wheat etc. Negative calorie foods are ones that body burns more calories to digest them than the calories of that food.  If you google negative calorie foods, you will get a list of them. Eat chapattis instead of rice. Once you got your goal weight, you dont have to get up that early and drink the tea if you wish. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding processed and junk foods.

Its true if you drink water before meals, you are less hungry during meal times. But its also true that you get even hungrier after your meal time passes, and you need to drink more water to cover it up. But its all about the body getting used to something and after a week or so on this your body does not crave for all that food.

I have seen people slogging out in gyms for a long time and marginally lost weight. I myself slogged for 3 months, before I worked out this plan. I dont have to really gym, a brisk morning and evening walk for an hour each with green tea tulsi lime tea and predominantly negative calorie diet was what was needed to make me loose weight quickly. I had been very healthy during that period of just on the diet, not even one instance of flu. So I'm sure my body got what it needed to be healthy.


winy1984 2012-02-17 00:55:43



@ NJ, Krishvish, balakrish - Thanks for the wonderful inputs.

Ive been thinking for ages that gymming alone could contribute a solid weight loss. And now am able to convince myself that 'walking' regularily with healthy dieting could do wonders.


Gigini 2012-02-26 14:58:23



Hi Parents,

             I would like to snack some iron rich foods, also to my 2 year old son as we r having anaemic complaint... So kindly give some ideas to enhance iron absorption....  



Gigini 2012-02-26 15:00:59


Any ideas available as readymade food pairing to eat or drink as snack.........:)



Krishvish 2012-02-27 00:33:50



Usually for anaemic we should eat dates (make sure it is a good quality one),raisins and pomegranate. For snacks you can have mixed nuts(like badam, cashew, walnut, pista, flax seeds from each take 2 pieces) and dry fruits.

You can also have Chikis made up of groundnut and jaggery since iron content is more in jaggery. Also Sesame sweet balls for snacks.

Moreover all vegetables especially Spinach, broccoli, beans, pumpkin , Rajma, Soya beans are rich in iron and fruits also you can take. 








preetyslim 2012-02-27 10:20:00


 hi all, a very nice discussion going on seriously many mummies r really getting worried nowadays with weight issues.. .. yesterday i just read an article in dna by pooja bedi she has told that married women think abhi toh shaddi ho gayi hai  bacha bhi ho gaya main moti rahu ya patli mere pati ko kya farak padega but that is not true to be healthy and fit is good for all of us in future also we feel very good once we r perfectly fit.. .. so to stay fit and fine is not only good for all mummies but also for our health.. so eat right and stay fit.....

after marraige all girls normally put on weight ... some tells its after marraige glow.... but its not true .. we r the main culprits ourseleves we have to take care what we eat .. how much we eat.. and how much calories r burnt the whole day in equal to what we eat..... so all  yummy mummies with big tummies goodluck and start ur aim from today itself..... i am sure once we follow a perfect eating habits.... u also will feel proud of seeing urself in mirror....

i also have put on weight after my childs birth(before i was 62 kgs after my childs birth i was 84kgs.) but in one year time i was perfectly the way i was before.....approx to 64kgs eating right quantity with right quality  food really makes difference.....SO GOODLUCK TO ALL...




attitudeacademy 2013-10-02 17:07:29


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