Is NEET exam is needed for IB students for Pre-Med in USA

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praburaja2018 2018-02-09 21:02:50


Hi Folks, My daughter is in IBDP - 1 year (11th Grade) in a school in Coimbatore. She wants to go for a Pre-Medical school in USA after finishing her IBDP 2nd year. To get through she has to write IELTS and ACT/ SAT which is not a problem for her. But today I was told that whoever wants to go for a medical school abroad from India MUST write NEET....Guys, Please gimme a detailed discussion about this with the facts. Being she has already scored 88% in IGCSE (2017), IELTS and ACT wont be a problem. She have to focus on her studies + IELTS+ACT but now they are saying NEET is mandatory...please give me your suggestions...Thanks for your time. 

sububack 2019-07-05 08:27:01


Hi, Did you got further details on this?
My daughter also want's to go towards Medical and looking for same information.


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