what to do when the teachers are beating the children in the school?

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jessynaidu 2010-09-01 09:06:27


I am seeing and hearing about many school children are beaten by teachers,why why they need to beat children?  am really upset when i see these incidents in tv even the tears rolles out from my eyes,but why the teachers beat i really dont understand,

They are really very very poor teachers.

aanchal 2010-09-01 14:05:26


yes, its a very sad situation..even though laws are there against physical punishment, many teachers continue to beat, thrash kids to severe injuries and sometimes even death..there should be severe punishment for such teachers, so that it scares the pants off those who harbor such desires and thoughts. kicking them out of job is not enough.

also, prevention is better than punishment..schools should assess prospective teachers for their mental stability, besides their academic skills. they should also be coached time to time on managing children, to make them more sensitive and sensible.


jessynaidu 2010-09-02 12:13:42


yes you are true,but when the parents go and ask teachers why teir child is beaten by them or punished? that teachers are harassing children in class and  in front of all the children,so many children are not sharing these incidents with parents how to deal with this? also how to ask children about the this?

one day i went to school on some work ad i wished some of my son's class teachers but no teacher was wishing not even smiling,i felt lil bad,how to deal with these teachers?  i think management should start counsellings in school to each and invidual children i think.




roses 2010-09-03 03:02:27


Is there not a site about the school or something like All India CBSE school board where you could post your comments and reviews. There has to be some sort of board that assessed the schools and you could write / comment on-line as a parent.

Or am I totally ignorant about Indian schooling? I could be...

In short I am very sorry to hear of your son. Lots of hugs to him from my end.


jessynaidu 2010-09-03 22:31:40


Thankq roses for your reply,

I have shown your messege to him he really felt very happy and also shared the same

to you also.




roses 2010-09-05 08:51:06


Awwwww...Thanks Jessy and please do thank him for the hugs ! They've made my day ! 

Please let the little one know.


roses 2010-09-07 01:01:06


Hi Pranav,

You are such a smart boy!! I am so impressed with you ....e-mailing me ...and that too through yoru mummy's board. Good to see that you are happy.

Lots of love!

M aunty.


shesha 2017-03-07 15:26:05


Even after seeing this post after 6 years, I still feel there are schools where teachers still mishandle the kids. Its really pathetic to see this happening and most of the parents keep quiet thinking of child's future and education. But when such incidents happen I feel we have to raise our voice. IT is not just that parent but everyone must voice for them

1969shilps 2017-05-20 13:03:10


I am an educationist. Well beating a child or mental harassment to any child is not permitted by law. The act is called POCSO... Kindly Google this. Besides the schools have become strict on this issue. We have teachers who have been sacked out of jobs once the inflicted child of physical abuse lodges an official complaint. So only educate your child on bad touch and good touch. Kindly mail me on smatshilpa1969@gmail.com for videos on good touch and bad touch for kids or any education related videos which is most effective and also used to educate kids in schools. Thanks Shilpa


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