Can I know how school management system helps in education?

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sabnam 2017-05-16 10:14:50


I would like to know how school management system helps in education. As well as its importance being a parent.

Thank you

1969shilps 2017-05-20 13:15:28


A child Lear from the environment that we adults provide them with. We cannot be 25*7*365 around them. So educating the children, through various stages and providing them correct authentic required knowledge at correct time is very important as today the children suffer out of the over exposures in their environment. The school management will help you by getting your child educated in systematic stage wise workshops, secondly refering to counsellors of your respective child's school, and giving a feedback on the child's behavioral and character approach attitude along with academic performance. We don't keep our children in schools for only learning subject based contents. Subject based contents are available in market in all techno forms but we send our children to schools to learn fundaments of life like values, co operation, tolerance, honesty, loyalty, etc...Which will groom their personality along with our parents support and parental environment too. So school and parents are two sides of the child. There are 3 institutions that mould a personality of an individual 1. Family 2. School 3. Religion . Thanks Shilpa


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