Parents be watchful while choosing a School/College for your child.

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ClearTune 2016-05-03 10:07:36


Non Educationist business persons and groups have entered the field of education.

Business venture involves profit making and aggressive marketing. New trend observed in business field these days is that profit making is pivotal and ethics, commitment, morals are remote.

Flashy infrastructure and huge hoardings, large to full page ads in newspapers are some of the easy tools of hard selling in business.

Good Schools/Colleges are not popular by corporate style of ads. or infrastructure, they are known by their students, the morals, values, culture that they have learnt from their School/College. The distinction of good School/College is highlighted by the way its students carry themselves in the society, the manner in which they handle situations and the respect that they earn during and after their education.

Basic facilities are required for a school/college. School/College need to appear like a school/College and need not look like a palace or a multi star hotel. Students learn life skills by living with their class and schoolmates during their working hours in addition to the general subjects like science, maths, history etc.

Some Schools/Colleges pretend to be offering various courses and programs to enhance learning but in reality it may not be true or maybe fictitious. Parents to be watchful about such institutions and not to get duped. Some Schools/College initiate good programs but get exhausted for their own reasons or get greedy and dilute the effectiveness of the courses or programs.

Some Schools/Colleges put up feedback pretending to be parents, such posts appear artificial and are filled with praises. One of the method to know about a institution maybe to check with few ex students or students who are already part of the institution.

Some institutions have some hidden agenda which becomes prominent when one gets into a situation. Some institutions do not refund the amount paid if one decides to withdraw admission no matter how big or small the amount maybe. Some don't care even if the child has not attended even a single day.

This situation of not refunding is a simple case but there are some rogue Schools/Colleges that refuse not only to refund the amount paid but also demand  you to pay additional amount. If a College course is of two years duration and your child decides to withdraw admission during the initial stage of admission, the rogue College will refuse to refund the amount paid and will also demand you to pay the full fees of the second year of the course to return the original certificates that your child may have deposited with the College during admission. One can imagine the plight of a student who impulsively gets admitted to a three or four years course and deposits original certificates with such Colleges.

These conditions may not be mentioned in any of their brochures or admission material may not be even in fine print. some of these rogue institutions don't bother about any authorities as they may have the authorities in their good books. These institutions know that hardly any parent would approach court for its complexity and if any parents approaches the court and get verdict in the parent favor, the institution would pay up the amount which is not big as they would have made up huge amount from the parents who had not approached court.

Parents and students seeking admissions should avoid falling prey to the marketing/publicity stunts or get carried away by the sweet talks of the trained admission staff. Not to get impulsive and its always better to take time to decide and watch on some of the institution that are shortlisted.

Some institutions insist on cash payment of fees and some refuse to issue receipt for payment of fees/donation or they may not refuse but make excuses to issue receipts or may say that will issue receipts later maybe after classes commence. The attitude/intention of such institutions are suspicious, think if you want to admit your child paying huge amounts into such institutions who are into acts that are not clear or suspicious or the institutions that are trying to evade tax or violate government rules. A parent irrespective of their background economic/caste/criminal looks for a good institution and will normally like their child to be honest law biding citizen and no parent may like their child to learn illegal or unethical practices.

There are many institutions who are dedicated educationists doing great service to the society but a lot of rogue institutions are too mushrooming. A smart parent knows or learns to identify the best for their child.

Will appreciate comments and expect parents all people at large to take forward this discussion. I believe this maybe food for thought for the parents who are looking out for good education for their children. A wrong decision can change course of a child, the choice can make a OBAMA or a OSAMA.

Readers are encouraged to mention topics that they may exprect me to  share/express my thoughts. Feel free to write to me at

Ammuamar 2016-05-07 18:27:07


 I am a working mom of 3 year old daughter and am completely confused about education and different boards conducting exams. I am not residing in a metropolis city like Chennai, i don't have many choice of schools in our city where there are only 4 major schools seems to be prestigious and famous, but not sure whether the education is standard. There were also suggestions and talks from peers saying that a good kid can strive anywhere/any school, but i don't believe on that , due to high competition and survival is very hard nowadays, some effort has to be put on finding right school to sharpen children skills and communication.

I am not looking for a school which is just after scores and results, but schools with kind teachers who is not burden with pressure and are really passionate for teaching. Nowadays no school is teaching humanity. It just teach only the prescribed syllabus not even knowing whether it gets though the children mind or it helps them to develop their knowledge and skills.  Somehow there are very few institution who are trying to raise a child as good citizen but they find it very difficult to compete with other schools and due to their financial conditions, their motive is also challenging. 

Even though we are very much watchful about schools and institutions, we will not get admission anywhere then.


adhiuma 2016-05-13 10:24:08


Very detailed write up about the stuff that is going on. It is true that some schools/colleges dont refund money and behave very badly when you wish to withdraw the application. Bad state of affairs!

vmum 2017-02-08 02:27:12


I am a mum who had to leave my career to take care of my kid since birth due to deficiency of his foot.  Since than we have been going in and out of hospital.  When it came to education my child felt the difference from other kids when he was deprived in joining sports activities which was depressing.  But every year he has to go through a surgery due to his condition.  Now choosing a school with the right education and proper guidance is very important. I felt i made an error in his admission to SLOKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in Manneguda.  The main thing is when i did the background check on the curriculum a lot of things were said but once admission is done none of it is present as said.  Also .... due to his medical and visa purpose he was not in school for a term whereby we still have to pay for his fee.  All that i hear from the school is fee and payment nothing more. Due to delay in school fee payment although as we requested they could not be bothered what happens to the childs education but their concern is more on money to be paid.  Logically my son is deprived education from this school and it has left a black mark on the child about his school and he is emotionally effected the way he is treated due to fee payment.  The final exam is not in progress, yet they demand all to be paid without consideration and more ever rudeness is applied in their manner of asking. No proper memo is given in regards to the fee payments and they made us feel like fools to trust our child in their hand.  I have been through many schools abroad but the first time i am coming across a management with no proper protocol.  Also accounts department communication with parents is rude.  I was taken aback to face such management.  When asked to give a letter or a memo stating that our child does not have to come to school until all fee is paid they refuse to do so.  Is this the way education is in india?  I think in comparison the smaller schools have better protocol with parents than some international schools who rely on money matters not taking the childs education into concern. Here money plays a role in educating your children not books or activities.  You are given less attention is you have not made payment on time.  I think we still have time till final exams to settle the fee but in SLOKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MANNEGUDA they want all to their own benefit.  i DO NOT recommend the school for any child because children here are taught to be bias. NO proper mannerism between the kids.  When asked what you did today in school, my child says a lot of homework.  The child is not enjoying in their method of teaching which is a bore to them.  NO excitement as what he used to have in his previous school. Is is a depressing situation i am facing now due to this education matter in india.  I was educated out of india and it is shocking to see how a child is treated here according to status of their parents and profession which is not right.   All this i faced in SLOKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MANNEGUDA. Hurting remarks is uncalled for if there is a delay in fee.  We are treated as criminals if fee not paid.  Really it is a sad thing to see such a secondary aspect given to education and first priority to money. 

ClearTune 2017-02-08 11:33:25


Feel so hurt reading Vmum's write up. Sad that educational institutions lack empathy.

Many educational institutions are turning out to be heartless greedy money churning business establishments, they are quiet the opposite of what they pose to be in public especially with regard to principles, ethics & beliefs.

Also, many parents are getting carried away by the "International" tag used by educational institutions in India. The fact is the "international" is free for all and has no criteria or certification that entitles a educational institution to add the "international" tag to its name.

Anuj2019 2018-08-20 14:26:15


Central law for regulating fees of private schools across India

The FRC has passed an order for 11 of the 88 schools from Ahmedabad zone that had submitted proposals after the last the Supreme court order. The proposed fees of Delhi Public School, Koba, in Gandhinagar, and Divine Child International school has been slashed by 50%.



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