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Lavanya 2009-06-22 12:16:02



I do not have a microwave oven. Need to cook only in stove.

Can anyone suggest a good pasta recipe for my toddler (1.5 years old) that can be prepared without using microwave



mango_mama 2009-06-22 14:05:59



I had written this recipe in this post earlier. Am copying it here as well.



Tomato pasta sauce recipe

"We have 2. The regular easy one and the gourmet one.
The regular one: Take tomatoes and puree them in mixie. Add little oil in pan (olive oil or other), add minced garlic, little minced onions, capsicum (optional), saute, add tomatoes and cook. Add salt, pasta seasoning (you get at most shops). You can add black pepper or even white pepper to taste. I add lots of grated parmesan cheese on top for the kids. If you live in Bangalore, you can get parmesan cheese from Sbarrs or the owner at Infinity might sell you some as well. It is expensive though and is better to get from the U.S. or something.

To enhance the recipe: Use little hommade tomato puree along with fresh tomatoes. Add chopped fresh basil instead of just pasta seasoning.

Our maid now makes this very well. It is simple.

The gourmet one involves, taking the seeds out chopping tomatoes and adding carrots/capsicum and cooking for long time. I never have the patience to make this these days. Once in a blue moon, hubby gets in the mood and makes it for us.

Please share yours as well. Am always looking out for more ideas. Cheers."


Rad_mk 2009-06-22 17:12:09


Hi Lavanya,

I try this at home and my kids love this!I use Bambino Macaroni,all shapes r coming now.I dont do any separate sauce,jus make it dry and mix it up with Tomato kethup that we get in the market!

First,cook the pasta/macaroni with sufficient amount of water by adding lil salt and cooking oil to the water.Drain the water and keep it side.

In a pan,add cooking oil,add jeera,onions,saute it till transparent ,then add tomatoes(2 chopped) and fry till they get mushy.Add salt,peeper,jeera powder,lil oregano/chilli flakes and add cooked pasta.Mix it .Serve in plates and add the ketchup/sauce.This will be less spicy.

Pasta tastes good when it's hot,so make jus b4 serving.


sona04 2009-08-24 11:23:28


hi Lavanya,

Since ur child is only 1.5. I would suggest that after initial boiling of the suji pasta,and after sauteing the needed things like onions,garlic,tomatoes etc. ADD the pasta and cook it covered with a little water.

This will help the pasta to soften out more,help the flavours to blend well,so that ur child can consume it easily.That is how my child started loving pasta and he is 5 yrs. and still continues to love it in this manner,so does his dad.

I guess the maggi masala in pasta should also work.Well haven't tried it as yet.





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