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aanchal 2009-06-03 13:56:09


hi friends,

most of us use packaged milk..i am curious to know how necessary it is to boil the pasteurized milk before consuming it.


apar_sai 2009-06-12 23:41:20


Hello Aanchal,

Theoritically, pasteurized milk should not require boiling.

But, it is common (esp. in Chennai) to get  tampered/contaminated milk packets. Packets are diverted mid-way and contents are meddled with, old empty packets are used to sell contaminated milk etc).

Bangalore doesn't seem to face this problem (yet!), But I would advise boiling to safeguard against it.

Many people use tetra paks if they are too lazy to boil :).




shobha 2009-06-15 06:24:38


Hi Aanchal,

Initially, I took the term pasteurised very seriously  and did not boil the milk, but after engaging in a conversation on this topic, with someone who has visited one of these milk plants I decided to boil the milk before giving it to my kids.



aanchal 2009-06-15 13:21:12


hi..thanks for yr valuable inputs


DivyaRaj12 2009-09-09 10:23:32


Hi All,

Wanted to know if it is advisable to give full cream milk to daughter is 14 months old and I still give her Formula milk (Nan3) because I think it is more nutritious....but I want to know if it is safe to give her full cream milk, or is it better to give her toned milk?



aanchal 2009-09-11 12:24:33


some children cannot digest cow's docs advise to stay from it till the child's first that yr daughter is 14 months old, u should start cow's milk now..the later u start, the more difficult it will be to digest children can get very choosy in terms of taste too.

what u can do is gradually wean her from, if generally u give her 4oz nan-milk for one feed, u can start by 3oz nan milk+ 1 oz cow's milk..if she doesnt show any symptom of indigestion (lose motions, vomiting, crankiness, crying, excessive burping), u can gradually increase the ratio towards cow's milk over a period of time and resort to nan-milk only during outings/emergency.

and yes, children need full cream..toned milk has only 3% fat i guess..which is very less for them..they need fat in their growing years!! (unlike us, who need to lose some fat!!)



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