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Lavanya 2010-07-28 14:55:18



We are planning to buy a convection mode microwave oven. Need inputs on the brands - LG/ IFB / Kenstar / Samsung / others... Which one do you have and which do you recommend ? Have you had a bad buy? Any feedback would be helpful. 

Thanks in advance.






 Former member 2010-07-28 15:34:41


Hi Lavanya, I'm using Samsung MO from last 8 yrs..only thing is tht i hv convection + grill

Cost was bit high when i bought it,  but now its been reduced and also seen range of different models in Samsung...

I'm happy with it, maily b'cos whern i cook in MO, with my kid, he loves it....


Lavanya 2010-08-04 11:00:17


Hi Pritam

Thank you very much for your immediate response.

Does anyone have any complaints about Kenstar or LG ? is it a good buy?



UmaNaren 2010-08-05 11:23:00


Hi Lavanya,

I have been using IFB for 6yrs. Fantastic is my experience with it. I cook, heat, defrost, bake, grill....

My kitchen cannot function without this companion. I had problem just once! a Lizard creeped in to it and got charred! I must have left the door open. Spares are readily available. Service is good as well. Doesn't require any maintenance at all except regular cleaning.

Some do come with steamer options. Whatever the brand, Opt for a convection model with 25ltrs or more capacity.



darkinspiration 2010-08-07 00:46:20




i have an lg micro. but now seeing features of others, i would prefer samsung. more indianized?



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