How to make rava kichadi, Poori and Potato sabji

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NJ 2010-07-08 14:42:38


i would like to know how to prepare -

Rava kichdi

Poori and potato sabji

Please explain like how you would explain to a beginner in cooking. I dont know much about cooking and am not good in cooking also. But my kid seems to like this rava kichdi, poori and potato sabji whenever we have it in hotel. So I would like to learn how this is done. For poori please let know which flour should i use, quantity of water to mix, how to mix extra.

Thanks in advance

shivanidhiraj 2010-07-14 17:13:25


For poori take whole wheat flour. It is healthy. Mix little ghee or refine oil, salt and mix well. then add some water to make dough. Dough should be well mixed but little harder than roti's dough. Then make small puris and deep fry ghee or refine oil



nesameh 2010-08-05 11:57:36


 hi NJ

Rava kichadi,

first put some rava in the plain kadai and fry  little...  carrot , beans, potato, n peas. cut these vegetables in to small pieces......onion, tomato, green chillies, little ginger.

place kadai add some oil in it...first put mustrd seeds and urid dhal, bengal gram.fry little, and add green chillies and ginger.( in hotel they dont use gingers bt its good for health) and onion n vegetables and tomato. mix well just close this wid a lid....just open n turns it for a little while...and boil some water aside... whn the vegetables cooked add the water. add salt.. the water boils now....add rosted rava....if u add the the rava also boil the bubbles will come that is the quantity..... and after mix well.... turns it and close it for a while....ur rava kichadi is ready..if u want colour u can add some turmuric powder in the water....if u need u can add some fryed chasws...need to add little more oil.......



u can add some wheat flour and  little bit of rava n maida..... it will be like the hotel poories

potato sabji

boil potatos in cooker....cut onion in to the long chillies

place a kadai pour oil musturd and bengalgram.onion, green chilli, one tomato dont add more and after add potato (boiled and cut into small pieces) mix well and add water salt n turmeric powder.....then leave it to boil for some time.........thats hotels it is the reciepe....

 hope ur kid will enjoy this........



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