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Momma Mia 2009-04-25 11:48:18


Hello there..

Looking for some yummy, nutritious and fun recipes for kids..I seem to be running out of ideas, to come up with something new all the time..would love some creative inputs from u guys.

Meanwhile, will post a few of my own tried and tested snack / juice recipes which my little one loves..

Awaiting some finger licking tips in this space..




shobha 2009-04-27 07:54:52


 Hello Momma Mia,

Here are some ideas from a past discussion on this topic.
This is the link to the journal on snack ideas by parentree editors.
Here is a link to the journal on protein and calcium packed recipes.

Other parents please feel free to pitch in as well.

Keep the recipes coming - Shobha.


Momma Mia 2009-04-27 10:28:36


Thanks for the pointer Shobha..I did find the discussion quite useful, and some of the tips were new, which I am planning to try out..especially the american sweet corn.

My daughter loves that, but usually she eats it out of a paper cup at a joint in the local mall.Now I'll try it at home..

Some of the snacks I make at home are usually south Indian - the ubiquitous idlis, dosas, upma ,poha, brown bread sandwich.

I try and pack load veggies also onto the above, so it makes it more colourful (and more nutritious) tomato / mixed veg dosa..

Lentil dosa (adai) would be another quick and healthy breakfast option, if the batter is prepared in advance.

Sevai or idiappam (rice string hopper) is a healthy steamed preparation..( if prepared in the traditional way, is quite a tedious procedure.) But we get readymade packets of the same, which we just have to soak in boiled water, strain and add garnishing.

Sprouts pongal /khichdi for the morning breakfast is also quick, healthy and  a favourite.

 Semia (vermicilli) upma is also an option, (but my kid is not too fond of it)..

For the quick, dry ,carry anywhere snacks  --

Biscuits, rusk, bread sticks,microwave pop corn , fruit bowl..She also like to munch on nuts and dates.

There is more to the list..If you require recipes to any of the above, would be glad to provide.

Would love to hear more from parents out there..



aanchal 2009-04-27 12:55:53


hi shobha and momma mia,

thanks for the new ideas. your tips are certainly useful.

i usually refer to tarla dalal's books for kids, for interesting recipes...pastas, pizza, burgers when cooked at home can be quite nutritious as well as appealing. i use whole wheat bread and whole wheat pastas for these.

also, since i have a small kid, i give him porridges to eat. i have kept a powdered mixture of dry fruits in fridge. when i make porridge i add 1 tsp of the mixture to it. and instead of sugar i add jaggery..but then, i am talking about a toddler..your older kids may not like the new smell of jaggery/honey in their milk

since its summer time, kids may not like to eat hot meals so much..i make designs on plates using fruit/ veggie pieces and encourage my son to eat them design by design..he loves it as a game and i love the relief of his having a healthy meal.

these are quite simple techniques of making a meal healthy and attractive in this hot weather and i am sure u all must have tried these already



sathya 2009-04-29 04:22:31


Momma Mia,

Here is my latest snack creation for my kids (inspired by the Waldorf salad)

  • Whole wheat bread
  • Very thinly sliced fresh apples (primary ingredient). Slices should be very thin, like potato chips.
  • Raisins - have your kids push them into the bread slices (get them involved)
  • Sliced almonds
  • Cheese - 2 slices

Make a sandwich with all of the above


Shruthi 2009-04-30 14:00:43 we get innovative with snacks!

some of my recipes:

  1. make veg.upma for breakfast.  to the leftover upma, add a slice or two of brown bread, some rice flour, salt (if needed) and ajwain.  make patties and shallow fry.  serve as evening snack!! :D
  2. grind roasted peanuts and jaggery with elaichi to a coarse powder.  make small balls and stuff into your regular roti dough. roll out and cook on tawa with ghee....or refined oil.
  3. make your regular sheera (sooji halwa) with bananas/pineapple/appple.  cook in water not it won't turn sour.
  4. for infants who've just started on solids my son's ped. had suggested this: wash and dry equal amounts for dals (toor, moong and chana), ragi, rice and wheat. also wash and dry almonds, peanuts and chashews totalling to one measure.  grind to a fine powder. cook with milk and jaggery to a halwa consistency. add ghee.  my son loved it for breakfast till he was about 1 1/2.
  5. to make dosas interesting make them coin sized. you can make about 12 at one go on the tawa.  same goes for idlis - use the mini idli plate.
  6. my son likes vegtable rotis.  I make koki often (roti dough mixed with chopped onions, grated carrots, fresh corriander and jeera powder).
  7. akki(rice)/ragi rottis with vegetables/greens in them. ( you can try many vegetables here: knolkhols, cucumbers, carrots, capsicums, onions, methi/dill leaves.....)

there are a lot of trials that have worked...but I haven't made them more than once.  still have to look into the list that shobha refers to...happy cooking till then


Shruthi 2009-05-06 10:28:03


tried this for my son and it worked!  made puris by rolling them out and cutting them into small rounds (frankly, I used the crocin dispenser!!) before deep frying.  when ready to serve they actually look like the golgappa puris...but are much softer.  Am told that mixing the dough in beet/palak juice makes them colourful too...but i'm yet to try that.


Pavith 2009-08-20 10:42:48


Hi all,

In my childhood days I ws not used to carrots and cucumbers. So my mom used to do this easy snack by using sev, carrots and cucumbers.

Take a sev, boondhi or wat ever crispy itmes that ur child lkes and add some carrot and cucumber , boiled peanuts and some nuts can also be used. Garnish it with coriender leaves and curry leaves. It would taste like bhelpuri if some puffed rice is also used.



srilakshmi 2009-08-21 15:50:36



I have 2 kids, my son of 3 1/2 yrs and daughter 2 and 4 mths old.As far as my son, he is not a problem in his food bcoz rite from toddler age he is very fond of fruits and vegetables, even now he loves mostly all fruits and vegetables.

Problem is my daughter, she never takes fruits and vegetables, I tried making her eat fruits atleast banana, she wud never eat it.She likes only the snacks, like chips,muruku,peanuts,cashew etc. I bought biscuit moulds in different shapes and made puris in diff shapes like star,heart,penatagon,she liked it and ate, but the thing again its only puri w/o any veggies also deep fried.Is it good to hv fried food all the time.Somedays, she never takes food and drinks only milk.

I made pizza toppings with carrots ,tomatoes,capsicum , corn ,seasoning with olive oil with cheese.She loved it.But again the cheese?.Am i doing good to her?.

I am planning to introduce fruits as pizza toppings to her.

I want my daughter to catch the habit of eating fruits and veggies.Help me with receipes.

P.S  : My daughter easily finds veggies in her food and says no to it. So, i grate it finely or mash it. doing so does the nutrient value is lost?.



sona04 2009-08-24 11:07:02


hi srilakshmi,

I also had problems with my child's eating habits,thankfully he has settled down now.Initially I started to show him pictures of various fruits and vegetables,then went on to tell stories.

Slowly he started to understand that certain things can be acheieved only when he grows up.So it went that fruits and veggies would help him grow up faster to achieve his desired objective.From there on I have applied this objective for anything.And believe me IT WORKED.

We should also set examples by following healthy eating habits.Parents are the best people to inspire their children.

Then again,chopping,grating,boiling,smshing veggies or fruits anything would do AS LONG AS IT IS FRESHLY DONE SO.KEEPING THEM FOR LONG HOURS MAKES THEM LOSE THEIR nutritional values.So go ahead feed them as u please.SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING.


tan 2009-10-21 16:44:55


Hi Sona

I like your idea. i think it will work for me. i will definatly try it.



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