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aanchal 2009-03-17 13:57:53



this has nothing to do with recipe, but with the gadgets we use to cook!!

everytime i take out my mixer or grinder, i find foul smell and some fungal growth beneath the is how i clean it everytime after using it:

- rinse it and put liquid soap and some water

-give it a whirl on mixie to form lather and rinse again

-wipe it dry and put it in sunlight for few minutes

i dont see how i find fungus in it when i want to use it next time..does anyone have a solution?

Shruthi 2009-05-02 11:12:46


this is what I do and I don't find it foul smelling or with moulds:

  1. remove blades and rinse thoroughly with water (immediately after use).
  2. use cleaning liquid and scrub with sponge and rinse in water.
  3. dry upside down overnight
  4. put away the base unit and jars (with lids inverted) separately

Rad_mk 2009-06-14 23:08:30


Hey gals,

I'm using Preethi mixie and there is a juicer jar with mesh available in it.

I like it a lot,since its easy to make fruit/veg juices in it without straining needed.

But the problem is ,the mesh and the jar has some black spots,its not fungi though,how to clean it off!

Also,i'm using table top wet grinder,how do u take the batter out with minimal wastage.If u cud help me out,it wud be of immense help to me!


Shruthi 2009-06-17 12:05:33


Hi Radhika

About the wet grinder: once the grinding is done and the batter removed (whatever you can by pouring it out).  Pour a little water in the grinder and run again for about a minute or two.  The batter that has remained in the grinder will loosen up and you can pour it out.  Be careful about the quantity of water you use though, else you'll end up with thin batter!

Happy grinding!! :D




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