How to use Fridge efficiently?!

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hiradhu 2010-01-07 22:32:43


 Hi I'm a working woman, I cook fresh for both lunch thats packed and dinner after coming home. Many say I put stress on myself by not storing/using fridge effectively. I really what can I store in Fridge except veggies/coconut. I'm a south Indian and I cook Lunch for myself & hubby, send heavy brunch (veg rice, Briyani, pulav etc)  to my daughter (3yr old), afternoon tiffin (Dosa, Parata etc) for her day care.

Night we have dosa/idli/roti + curd rice. I dont prepare and store food(sambar/rasam) for even next day's use.

Any suggestions pls!!


jaya79 2010-01-08 10:51:07


It's good that you mostly make everything fresh. But at the same time you can make use of your fridge little more effectively. Few tips:

--Soak the dal (sambar dal or moong dal) for some 2hrs in water and pressure cook the Dals with turmeric powder amd little oil. Donot make it too watery.Once cold you can store this in Fridge for 4-5 days. This will be handy when you want to make Sambar or any other dhal curry.

--you can make Tamrind paste and keep in Fridge for around a month. Clean the tamrind, cook for 1 whistle and when cole mash nicely. Just fry for few min in a pan , so that there is no water. You can store this in Fridge and will be useful to put in rasam, sambar etc.

--The chapathi dough can be kept for two days in a air tight container. But donot keep for more days.

--Also you can clean and keep ginger-garlic ready for chapathi dishes on weekends. Even onions can be cut and kept in fridge.

Do try these and let me know:)


hiradhu 2010-01-08 11:19:04


 Thanks Jaya,  this definitely helps... 

I tried keeping cooked sambar Daal in fridge and found on the third day itself Sambar gets spoiled due to that daal.  Bangalore has frequent power outage, so experimenting with Freezer. Problem is in defreezing the contents when in need :)

Do u store any other paste (like Coconut paste for koottu etc..) and how do you? Any tips to make effective use of Freezer ? Which ones to keep in Freezer or Fridge?!!


some14u 2010-01-15 10:37:41



          Ya u can use the frezeer very well. u can store chutnies or allmost everything that only in frezeer only. i myself store it. the only thing is they should b in air tight container . normaly i dont think they spoil n that i m talking about cooked vegetables or dal n all. or else chutnies can long last . take out only when u need it n then again freez it . remember only in airtight container . other foods r sugessted only around 2 days .




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