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sus1 2011-11-01 11:32:48


please help me in making pizza. i am planning for it but not much idea. need ur suggestion. thanks  a lot in advance.



PoojaRS 2011-11-01 13:17:55


 take pizza base ( you get it at any grocer/ baker) prefer brown base. and heat on standard tawa from both sides till light brown.

cut tomatoes, onions, capsicums ( very small pieces if kids like!) and veg like mushrooms olives( again if kids like)  just hea tit in little bit of butter till onions and tomatoes are soft   remove from heat and add processed cheese ( grated or in the paste form) add loads as kids just love it, a bit od salt and ketchup to make a party kinda mixture. spread it over the base and add more cheese as topping and heat in oven for few minutes till cheese melts and turns light brown..... this recipe has worked for me and kids just love it...... I normally use onions and tomatoes mostly and mushrooms sometimes..... see the catch is do it the way kids like it.

 hope it helps.....  all the best

tarla dala also has some ineresting recipies for kids....



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