Deepavali Snacks

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Djan20 2011-10-15 03:52:21


 Hi Friends,



 Every year Celebration of deepavali is the best thing in our life, at the same time without snacks and sweets deepavali also wont fulfil right, so here we can start a thread to discuss about our deepavali snacks preparations, since most of us located in differenct cities, countries, so why dont we share the snacks which we made for this deepavali.  surely different people have some new ideas. here we can do discussions only abt the festival snacks.   we can share the recipes, so that others also can try and get an appreciations from their family and kids, so hear is the place to start help them, most of the time we get the recipes from website and our relations only.  sometimes may be they dont have a time to visit other sites and do that,  then y dont our friends can start and share it in  Parentree Website, i hope this will be useful to our friends.  common mom's lets start!!!!!!!!!! cheers


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