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muskaan 2011-09-28 18:05:42


hi all,

my kiddo 5y4M old, when small he use to love simple indian style omlettes,but it has been a year he has been avoiding it completely.

tried various recipes but didn't succeed

 can you help me to provide an egg recipe in which my kiddo won;t be able to sense the presence of egg & also the procedure for cooking that  recipe must not damage the nutritional value of egg.

Malleswari 2011-10-31 12:10:04


hi muskaan.... donno if u tried the following :

1. Egg bujiyaa: boil and mash the potato (1 medium size), in a pan : splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves, chillies(green) cut very small, onion sliced small(like the one done for paani puri) and finally add the mashed potatoes and then the egg added and beaten to form like bujiya....fry till they turn brown.

add turmeric powder one pinch in the oil to make it appear yellowish when fried.

U can add grated carrot or any other vegetables. Capsicum goes well with this.

2. Egg Dosa : Spread the dosa batter and as the batter just getting settled on the pan, spread the egg on the batter. Better to mix this egg in a vessel with salt, turmeric, grated carrot, tomato, capsicum, chillies, coriander. This tastes neither the omlete nor the dosa nd if prepared of coin size and not of regular dosa size, kids luv gulping many in count... serve it with sauce. Infact, I cut them  in creative shapes using biscuit  cutters to make them interesting on plate.

3. While preparing any soup, jus add egg when getting heated and stir properly..... they form the shapes of noodles in the soup making it interesting to sip and eat...

4. Bread omlete : dip the bread in the egg mixture and fry it on the pan with cheese or butter. it is not like regular sandwiched bread omlete and tastes great.

This is all what I can think of readily.....all the best for the restart of ur kiddo liking the egg.

Last but not the least, for sometime till he gets the interest back, dont count much on nutrition values. It will not be damaged to the core jus bcoz u fry. anyways, v dont deep fry and kill the entire nutrition. as it touches the taste buds, slowly we can modify it to meet the nutritional values.





sahavaibmom 2014-04-04 09:17:30


Break the egg on to a tawa, cook both sides and cut it into small holdable oeces.. you can make small dosas and make dosa sandwich with these egg pieces and try with mini idlies too.

Egg bujjia can be stuffed into bread and made into a sealed sandwhich..

mix egg with dosa batter and make dosas like normal way, then add a mixture of grated veggies and cheese and give it a shape of prankies.


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