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bhags 2011-07-28 11:00:40


Folks, my son (about 5 year old) is on GFCF diet.  He can eat only vegetables, dals, rice and can not drink milk or milk products and wheat based food items.  Any suggestions for good recipes, because usually I run out of options after feeding him idlys and dosas

 Former member 2011-07-28 13:50:08


We are into this diet, one thing other than idly/dosa we have is rice oppuman, rice seva, both son loves. We are not CF yet, wife cannot find a milk replacement, son loves milk, any suggestion. Please if say soy milk( this is no good soy is as bad as ordinary milk), we are looking for local options in bangalore to buy them so give practical suggestions.


NJ 2011-07-29 05:22:47


spaceandtime, people on the gfcf diet are usually advised to avoid soy and corn also. But I do give it occasionally for my son. For regular milk replacement we use ragi porridge. But I'm not sure how much the ragi is absorbable since its a hard to digest food and our kids usually have digestion problems(the main reason for the symptoms) So I also give a cal/mag supplement also. Other replacement for milk are there, but more expensive options like nutriiveda, vances darifree,sproutein etc and more easily digestible forms like neocate, elecare but these are not locally available. In my opinion casein is what causes the hyperactivity and lack of focus, and gluten is what causes the hostility and lack of awareness of surroundings.


NJ 2011-07-29 05:23:16


bhags, you can join for more gfcf recipies. After you login, you can search the boards for recipies. These are more westernized and I am looking for an indian group for this. There are other companies like healthyself (from sunira foods) and other vendors details here These can increase the range of foods that can be given. A friend was telling me options like mung tikkits, mung pancakes. mung is the easiest to digest among lentils. I have not tried this so far, but here are the link -

Other south indian options for breakfast -

thenga pal kolukottai(The south indian version uses only pure coconut milk)-

Appam(This goes well with any stew, like veg stew, chicken stew)

Neer Dosa

Sannas(This is a mangalorean snack/breakfast item)

Onion and Tomata oothappam

Pongal(there is sweet and salty version also)

Instead of brown sugar you can use the jaggery form of cane sugar, since brown sugar you can only find in select stores.

You can even create some varieties in the idly like mix little bananas in the idly batter before steaming them.

Lunch options can be

Rice kichdi

Other options are vegetable biriyani/pulav, cocunut rice and other types of variety rice like puliogare,vaangibaath,sambar rice. Also try rice noodles(available in supermarkets). If he is not allergic to eggs and if you eat NV, you can mix scrambled eggs or minced chicken in the rice noodles. There are vegetarian varieties of this on the net.



 Former member 2011-07-29 10:18:11


Great resources NJ thanks for posting.


bhags 2011-07-29 10:25:26


Really great resources NJ, thanks for sharing.  I will try these out. 



vijinarsi 2011-07-29 11:00:43


there is another good indian cuisine website which is not specifically for gfcf but has very many varities of food, you may choose on without wheat, milk etc



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