CS Academy - Coimbatore

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Good education, kid-friendly classrooms, friendly administration and caring teachers. CS academy is the best school for children.


I have seen a drastic change in my child's conginitive development. Thanks for CS academy for enhancing my his skills and interests.


Every parent aims to provide an excellent education to their children. CS Academy has met my expectations by offering quality education to my son. The greenery infrastructure and kid-friendly classrooms build positive attitude and interest towards education in children. The teachers take great responsibilities by giving attention to every child in the class and offer them love and support. They appreciate and reward the students with great talents and help them to enhance their skills.  Today, my son enjoys going to school and he learns new concepts every day that will help him to become a leader of tomorrow.
CS Academy nurtures my child and helps him to grow emotionally and academically to act strong, brave and intelligent in his life.


A bit detailed review about my experience at CS Erode branch.

Got an interview for my 2.5 years old daughter. Went with my wife and kid. Dr Sitara was present in the room with some teachers.  She asked my wife to sing a couple of rhymes and my wife actually read it without any ups and downs as she is not used to it.  Dr Sitara went - "If you read to your child like you just did they will never be interested in learning. I don't know how you would teach your child". She asked my wife to practise and comeback and gave an appointment a week later.
It was shocking to see her mentality and attitude. They behave as if they are the kings and queens of education system in Tamilnadu. I find her very rude with  prejudicedover parents who were not well educated.  I don't understand what these schools are for if we ourselves teach the kids - that too they charge very high fee. It is like they are running a corporate and if your kid can contribute and fit in the team you will be welcomed with a smile. Finally I decided not to put my kid in CS and went to Indian Public.

Having said that, the teachers are good and they will do their best. But the management is not going in the right direction.

I think a true education is should never be a profession but a passion.
If you are in CBE, there are plenty of schools much better than CS.





nice school


great sports and skill dev program! kids are exposed to a wide variety of activities


fully agree - CS academy is excellent and becoming better everyday


School is vgood - academic and extra curricular standard is very high.





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