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shankeer 2011-01-17 18:22:27


Pls. provide feedback about "The Indian Public School" in Coimbatore.How are they functioning,discipline of the students/infrastructure/environment in school and last but not the least the studies part.


Ram77 2011-03-31 12:03:04


It follows IB syllabus which is very difficult to implement, don't know how they are managing. If you want to send your kid outside India for UG, then you could consider it.


goodadvice 2012-07-29 12:38:00


please be aware that this school is NOT recognized by the IB board.


Ram77 2012-08-23 19:03:37


i thought i saw some paper advertisement saying they have been recognized? i met a a IB certifier who said it is very difficult to implement the syllabus well in lower classes - structure is minimal, so children may progress with big knowledge gaps? any opinion?


goodadvice 2012-08-23 21:32:30


 No the school is NOT recognized or authorised by the IB worldwide; Only Good Shepherd,Kodai International,Chinmaya and British Internat are a few recognized schools in TN

I checked the IB website and wrote to them about this schools status and decided not to put my child after reading their reply

I have also heard that the school is being sold out to another party.

Its important that parents are aware of this before risking their childrens"education


sarasmom 2012-09-14 16:10:36


thanks - i saw their bus which has the IB sign? surely they cannot put this and run the school without IB's permission?


sarasmom 2012-09-14 16:11:53


anyway - I have decided to put my daughter in CS Academy. The setting and the whole package is what I think a school should be.


goodadvice 2012-09-14 20:08:33


 please check the IB website; this school is not listed


MANIRAJ 2012-10-18 01:25:35


Dear Friends, My kids are in Indian public school. But it is not the good school from my point of view.

1. They don't have any qualified teacher for IB program.

2. Teacher is not having sufficient knowledge about the subject.

3. Teacher teaching easy things in the class, But they are giving tough things to do as a homework.

4. You should have tuition to catch up all the subjects.

5. When I went for the parent teacher meeting.  Almost 4 teachers joined just 2 weeks back.

6. When I explained the things about my kids.  She is not even listening. She is not even taking notes.

7. This PTM happened 3 times.  All the time new teacher, not listening, not taking notes.

8. Chairman Ashok, He always says, he will solve the problem. But he is not.

9. When I explained with the Principal with my issues.  She never gets back to me. Same thing continue.

10. One time bus did not even come for the whole day.  After 2 hour time.   we dropped my kids into the school. No sorry. no communication.


goodadvice 2012-11-06 14:17:28



This school is run by business minded people and not educationists.

That is why they promise the world when you want to join and once you have paid that huge fees, they forget all about you.

The goverment should come down heavily on all schools who are run like this


sugve 2013-03-17 22:23:08


The School is an IB world school.  Authorized to offer the IB Primary Years Programme since March 2012, here is the link to the Ib board web site to prove it.


kjaikumarbe 2013-03-22 21:23:33


 hi sugve

thanks 4 sharing the link...

i put my son in LKG grade in TIPS kochi campus and highly satisfied with the transformation we could see in him..



sugve 2013-03-25 23:18:51


My kids go to indian public school too. they are studng there for the past 5 years. The  school has come a long way from where they were 5 years ago. The kids like the school and they are constantly improving. I am very happy with the school.


Arjmom 2013-03-26 12:37:18


the choice of school is a personal one. one main thing for me is where do the kids go when they finish school? can they compete with the best out there? it is not enough for kids to be happy - they will be very happy in an amusement park too. there has to be extrnal indicators for a schools quality - have the kids succeeded in competitive exams, have they got into good universities, can they speak in public, are their sports skills improving and so forth. the issue with the international schools is that as long as you send kids out of India for undergrad, should be OK (meaning there is a level playing field). but if you want to send them to Indian universities - the chances of them getting into good colleges is low. i dont think i have heard of any international school sending kids to BITS, IITS, Anna university, MMC etc etc. time will tell.


sugve 2013-03-28 00:54:37


What is good education?  Where do you want your kids to be?  Do you want them to think on their own and be street smart kids, aware of the outside world and about the ample opportunities that are available out there for them to achieve anything they dream about becoming or doing, or do you want them to be like poultry chicken. You feed them with lessons that they learn and then they produce the same on paper. Most of these kids lack creativity. If only going to IIT or BITS is your goal then I guess this school might not be the right one.  I want my kids to know and understand what they learn and be able to explain it in their own words and also be able to apply what they learn.  Kids liking the school where they spend most of their day is also very important, that will help them learn better. I know what I want for my kids...... and I am happy with the way they are learning.  Yes, I wish my kids will be able to get into Stanford or MIT and I am trying to provide them with the kind of education that will let them achieve it, if they want to go to these universities.  As a person who has done my masters in the US and having lived and worked there for 20 years I know what I want from my kids school. You have to choose a school that will best suit your needs.  It is not right to bash a school just because it does not suit you.


Arjmom 2013-04-09 21:44:27


true - one should not bash any school without attending / knowing the facts. But bashing IITs and BITS and putting Stanford or MIT on a pedastal seems similar.


Aadityau 2013-04-20 19:09:35


 I study in this school and i notice that they are not teaching well and they say the same thing in the ptm's.I give the verdict as:

Nice education but not good teaching

I give a 3 star rating but please don't join this school.


Aadityau 2013-04-20 19:10:53


 The what are your children's name and which grade?


Aadityau 2013-04-20 19:11:23


 my previous reply was to sugve


sugve 2013-06-21 21:44:40


First of all I am not bashing IIT's and BITS. They are goog colleges to attend and it will be great to get in there. My brother studied in IIT chennai. He did his undergrad and grad school there. I am only taking about the pressure the kids go through to get into these colleges. I think it would be nice to read Chetan Bhagat's (who is an IIT'n) book  Five point someone It gives us a look into IIT's and the pressure they go through. It might be a friction book, in which all that is said may not be true, but I feel that there is some truth to it.  My point is this, when my kid was in Kindergarden we had a meeting with his classteacher. At the end of the meeting she said this "Don't get me wrong the Indian kids are all very good in math. (She had 6 Indian kids including my son out of 18). When I ask then how much is 2+2 they can answer 4. When the question is straight, they are, way ahead of the class and are able to answer quickly. But when I ask then 2 birds are sitting on a tree and 3 more fly in. Now how many birds are there on the tree they are not able to answer. She said what they learn should also be applied. That is when my perspective really changed in the way I want my kids to study.  Look around and ask the same question to the kindergarden kids, I dont know how many will be able to answer, but this is my perspective and my story.

To Aadityau  since you study there, you tell me which class you are studing in and your name. I will be happy to meet you in person when I come to school the next time. You are not happy here then there are other schools you can try. I am sure there will be one that suits your need.

I said I would love my kids to get into Stanford or MIT (Every parent has a wish if it happens or not is a different story), but that is my wish as I said I try to provided the best and then it is up to them. I do not want to force them to do anything, but let then know about the options that are available. Secondly I will be happy to if one of my kids get into IIT too. But my personal feeling they cannot handle that pressure. they will have a better chance at stanford or MIT.


goodadvice 2013-06-22 13:26:50


 IPS is not recognized for MYP by IB worldwide The IB board per se 

Is an excellent system but its implementation Indian sxhools hve 

Long way to go IB teaching methods need qualified IB teachers

A school like IPS which charges the sky as fees hs got illqualified teachers

And aove all is a contact. IB school for MYP is making a fool of prents



ssgs4 2014-09-26 19:55:37


Hi sugve,
 I am planning to put my son in seventh grade in IPS at tirupur. When i was going through the  website i found your positive feedback and understood that your kids have been going to this school(at Coimbatore) for sometime now. Can you please tell me more about the second language options available. Right now we are in US and he is doing his sixth grade year here. I am planning to move for the next academic year. Do you or you know somebody have experience that can relate to us. Please share your thoughts. It means a lot to me and would be very helpful in making my choice of school decision. Hope you can understand. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.


VenSan 2014-10-31 20:06:22


Hi ssgs4

Have you decided to go with TIPS ? Did you hear any more feedback from anyone else ? I am interested in putting my sons there on 5th & 9th at TIPS CBE.


ssgs4 2014-11-12 00:53:54


Hi VenSan....Good to know that we are in the same path. But I haven't decided  about the school yet. I didnot hear any suggestions/replies for my post here.Soi had my relative visit TIPS in tirppur. From what i heard, I am happy about the school.I think it would be good option for parents and kids like us. But i am also considering the option of CBSE schools with French as a second language. Let me know if have any other questions. Good luck!. Hope everything works out well for you and your kids.

VenSan 2014-11-12 01:55:55


Hi ssgs4

I have asked my cousin to check out the school this weekend and hopefully be able to decide on by then. Yuvabaharathi is a good CBSE school from what I have heard and has french as second language.

I am trying to stick to IGCSE/IB Curriculum for my elder son who will be on 9th grade next year. TIPS seems to be the only option for day school.


ssgs4 2014-11-12 20:21:29


hi VenSan... I also feel the same that its better to go with  IGCSE syllabus for kids transitioning at a higher grade. That's the reason I was exploring about TIPS. I still have it as my number one choice. thanks for the info about the CBSE school. Will look into it and update. Keep me posted about your choices. Thanks.


VenSan 2014-11-12 22:42:41


Hi ssgs4

Even I have TIPS as the first choice. I am not sure if you checked out their facebook page, I had been watching it for over a month. They have almost daily updates and the details, you see in there are pretty good.  You can watch the video of various Robotics projects students have done in youtube. TIPS is very expensive compared to other schools. For 9th grade, it is 48K X 3 for Term fees, Annual Material Fees of 15 K, Lab Fee 7.5 K, Uniform 10 K, Breakfast 2.7 K X 3, Bus 8 K X 3, Exam and Laptop fees are actuals. Outside this, you have to pay Rs 90 K Capitation + 40 K Security Deposit.

KSIRS is another option (they have IGCSE), but their first batch of student to 10th Grade is not starting until next year. They also do not have French in 9th Grade, I had a long conversation with their Principal in charge of IGCSE and looks like they are inexperienced. If your kids are in lower grade like 6 or below, you can give it a try. You do not have to take Hindi at KSIRS until 5th (which is the case in all CBSE schools) and do not have to take Tamil from 6th. I had KSIRS as my 2nd option but after my conversation with Principal, I am not comfortable because of their inexperience in IGCSE. Their fees are reasonable.

YuvaBharathi (CBSE) is my 3rd option. The process to get admission is very difficult. I am waiting for their admission to open up end of November to see if we can get a seat there.



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