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HelloDivi83 2021-01-22 19:41:03


Hi All,

my son is in 7th grade, studying in IGCSE, doing somewhat good in studies. We are planning to relocate to CBE and near IT Park. searching good schools (now planning to shift to CBSE) where we get coaching kind of for entrance exams.
studies French as second language

Enquired below schools:
-CS Academy - fees high, and long distance , no transport till cheran ma nagar -- will it be worth these risks?
-Peepal Prodigy -  Transport is there , fees more or less same - not sure about the details
-Manchester - not very sure about details but fees 30-40K less
- Camford - could not get details
-Stanes - No coachings for competitive exams.

Can you give your views. it will be helpful in choosing best option for kids.

HelloDivi83 2021-01-25 19:01:58


can some one please reply.??

lakshmicbe 2021-02-03 20:42:12


Hello - my kids go to CS Academy. Do not know where cheran ma nagar is but they have transport everywhere. I am very happy with the school, all round development, sports, extra curricular, all taken care of. Plus they have CBSE and Cambridge which helps from a flexibility point of view. International is especially good if you want kids to go abroad for UG - many kids have got into excellent unis from here. If not CS, for CBSE, I would prefer Suguna Pips, Chinmaya International for residential (good programme for boarders but not so good academics) and maybe Chandrakanthi public school? best is to visit and talk to school personnel.

HelloDivi83 2021-02-04 09:27:10


Thank you. CS Academy is relative far.
Suguna pip is comparatively nearby around 3-5 KM.
I will try for suguna pip.
How about Don Bosco CBE ? this year first set 10th std appearing for exam. is it good to put upto 10th in Don bosco and then switch to Suguna PIP for 11 & 12th

lakshmicbe 2021-02-05 13:41:54


Suguna pips in my view immediately.

HelloDivi83 2021-02-05 15:48:56


Suguna PIP i enquired. The 8th std admission closed.
They asked for 8th standard , seems there is a fiitjee program and based on the mark they wil admit in suguna pip

lakshmicbe 2021-02-12 13:32:40


all the good schools like Suguna Pips and CS Academy will generally be full and if they have seats will have a selection process. Sooner you get then into these schools the better, so try with someone who knows the management / can put in a word if possible.

HelloDivi83 2021-02-12 17:16:00


completed interaction session in Don bosco vellikinar.

Suguna PIP - they asked to enroll in FIITJEE - in that entrance will be there - based on tat they wil provide admission.

Vidya nikethan -Vilankurichi CBSE - they asked to come inperson - so we can go in march only.

Dr. Dasarathan , CS, Peepal, CMC, Chinmaya - all are relatively very far from Ganapathy.

Stanes,camford  - They ask 75K - 1L as nonrefundable - so not considering it.

Any other school in and around Ganapathy to enquire ( for my younger son  Donbosco itself ok since he is in 4th). but for my elder son am concerned - he will be going to 8th grade and i seek relavely good option for competitive exams as well.. 

Please guide me any other schools which will be apt for him - he is studious.

lakshmicbe 2021-02-15 18:58:20


How about Yuva Bharathi? Did you try?

HelloDivi83 2021-02-15 20:19:30


they dint attend the call at all.


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