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11511 2020-11-15 14:00:06


Hi, I am looking for admission for my twin daughters of 9.6 years at Isha Home School. We are from Pune, and my daughters are studying in conventional school in Pune with CBSE board. Is it possible to get admission for people ouside Coimbatore? And CBSE board background will it be acceptable? Also can anyone suggest any experience about the school to help me to encourage us to send our daughters there. Or if not this school then any other suggestions of schools with such philosophy in Pune area. Your suggestion will help us in changing the future of our daughter's. Highly appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance. Minal

1minal2 2021-03-05 18:36:59


Hello I suggest you checkout the Isha Homeschool discussion to look for answers to your query


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