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D1987 2020-09-07 22:47:02


Hi all My second post here, need reviews for the above schools. Much fed up with school fees and distance vice versa. Put up near laxmi mills signal preferring for stanes ICSE as first (distance main) and schools- BVM global/chandragandhi/Camford, cs( I can't change again after grade kg so rolled out). Pls add ur reviews and clear me Note- I was clear on the board as ICSE later on seeing all schools (distance/fee) am into chaos as either CBSE/ICSE

LaksCBE 2020-09-22 09:29:57


Hi there again. I went through same questions and research some time ago. My summary is - ICSE and CBSE follow the same NCERT syllabus. But now all entrance exams plus research is far more progressive in CBSE schools. Personally, I will not choose ICSE at all. Indian syllabus - CBSE is best. Or international Cambridge which people also call IGCSE is very good. Regarding location, city schools have advantage but facilities wise poor compared to the ones further. So it is a trade off - we cannot have all. Many people send up to 3rd or maybe 5th to city schools, then shift to some bigger school outside. Hope this helps.

D1987 2020-09-23 18:06:08


Hey hi laks thank u so much for brief. Considering CBSE pls let me know if bvm global/PSG/camford is good?(it will be of great help if u could help me brief)I heard ssvm is crowded so need clarity on that. Thank u loads once again

LaksCBE 2020-09-24 20:46:56


I only considered two schools for CBSE. Suguna pips or CS Academy. Others are all ok - but these two are the best IMHO. I suggest you talk to the other schools management, coordinators maybe then decide for yourself. Coimbatore is quite easy to get around - so most of these schools will be similar time from the center unless you live next to one.


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