Good Shepherd International School and Riverside - Parent thoughts needed

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rnithya 2019-06-17 12:30:13


Hi All

I am looking for a good boarding school for my son (for 7th std 2020-21). He is currently doing his 6th std in Singapore and will be completing in Nov 2019.
He is currently studying just 5 subjects (English, Tamil, Maths and Science) and understand that for 7th std in India he will be with 10 subjects (English, Tamil, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Social Science and Hindi (till 8th).

I need suggestion on 2 items:

1. Hindi will be pretty new language to my son, would like to know if kids can cope with it without evening knowing the basics? I am bit worried since the number of subjects are getting increased.

2. I did some research and narrowed to Good Shepherd International School and Riverside Public School, Ooty.
The parents those have their kids in these boarding schools share their experience will help me alot.
I would like to know how the studies, pressure to kids, school management, etc.

Thank you


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