Boarding at Isha Home School

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deva82 2019-02-10 14:04:07


We are living in Australia and are planning to enroll our kid in Isha home school for Year 4 in 2020. The only purpose we want to enroll our kid in boarding is because we don't our kid to grow in a western culture.

Is it possible to enroll a kid for Year 4, and if so what is the procedure?
Currently the admission page in the website just says that admissions are closed for 2019.
It will be great to listen the experience from other parents about this school. My parents are worrying me if the kid will become too spiritual and different than the other kids.
Any advice will be great.

prem18 2019-02-19 12:28:40


Yes its a very good school. Students are not forced and they are much happy there with good curriculum too.
They dont become too spiritual ..-- these are worries from outside people who dont have any idea about the school. 
Students mindset become excellent and its a very good decision to join there. My brother's kids were been there for 9 years! 


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