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Satyaseelan 2022-11-30 22:25:25


I have no idea why everyone is sharing their email id in wants make private conversation which defeats the purpose of this public forum.. Why can't it be discussed here so that everyone benefits or the idea being that it should not. 

KChandika 2022-12-01 18:33:39


Hi Shankar,
I've also applied for grade 2, for my twins - son and daughter. We are awaiting updates. What's your orientation dates? 

ShankarMurali 2022-12-01 19:36:46


Have not got the confirmation dates. Hoping that they will notify us by next week. 

Meena2022 2022-12-02 19:24:43


We haven't got any update on orientation dates

Meena2022 2022-12-03 18:33:12


I got the orientation invite. Mine is scheduled for 26th n 27 th of this month.

neelam81 2022-12-05 16:24:58


Hi, anyone applied from UK? Any idea if IHS is conducting assessments/orientation online (how it used to be in past)? Has anyone received online orientation dates?

umagaur18 2022-12-05 22:18:46


You have applied for which class?

Meena2022 2022-12-06 06:05:05


I m seeking admission for STD 2

neelam81 2022-12-06 10:28:44


For std 2

Meena2022 2022-12-07 09:15:30


Has anyone got paid accommodation inside the ashram for the orientation programme. I got a mail saying it's not available. I m wondering where to stay as the ashram is around 30 km from the city. Any suggestions from those who have been there already.

RKSS14 2022-12-07 11:26:23


Hi All, is there any parent from Australia who are sending the kids to Isha home school?
I would like to connect.

KChandika 2022-12-07 18:57:24


Hi Meena I never stayed outside the ashram but there are no decent places close to it. Best bet is to search for hotels in Coimbatore city as per your preference and take a taxi to the ashram the following morning. Depending on the hotel location, ride could take 1-2 hours.

Meena2022 2022-12-08 11:20:25


Ok .thanks

ShankarMurali 2022-12-09 06:45:08


Would you be able to share your experience. We have orientation dates on Jan 7 and 8th for our twins (Grade 2). Same boat with accommodation as i got similar email about no availability. Any suggestions for which hotels might be the best in Coimbatore to book. 

Meena2022 2022-12-12 17:05:15


Shankar we couldnt get accomodation in the ashram so we booked a room in a hotel called karunya guest house. Looks decent. Those looking for a stay near by can check this out. Thanks

Music84 2022-12-21 16:20:45


Our Son studies in IHS. we are from Melbourne

Meena2022 2022-12-21 19:19:22


Can u share your experience of IHS. In which class is your son sir

RKSS14 2022-12-25 20:11:05


Hi Thanks. Great to know you are in Melbourne and your son studies in IHS. I am planning to apply next year. While I understand details on how IHS works by discussion with few parents from US/ Canada , have not come across a parent from Melbourne so far. It would be great if I can connect with you to discuss some details on how this works. Will send you a private message if you are ok with it. Thanks 

Meena2022 2022-12-27 17:33:25


Hello!!! I just finished the orientation programme for my son today. The first day kids were occupied with 2 sessions of activities like colouring,building blocks, playing, maths quiz,etc. For lunch it was combined with IHS junior school students. Their meals are very simple. Soaked ground nuts, sprouted green gram, dal etc. Second day there was a 20 min interview for parents with the child on why they want Isha home school. The child was asked y he wants to be here despite the distance of staying away from home, what he likes n dislikes about Isha if any. They want to know how sure parents are about the Isha way of schooling it's highs n lows n what expectations they have from the organisation. Overall it was a beautiful experience for us. They students there were very modest, looked happy n of course brimming with energy. I did no preparation for myself nor my son. It was spontaneous genuine answers through out. I couldn't be more happier if my child were to be selected. All the best.

ShankarMurali 2022-12-27 19:14:15


Thanks for sharing your experience. We have our kids attending orientation next month. 

Meena2022 2022-12-27 22:43:14


All the best. May our kids get the best of schooling in the years ahead.

Music84 2022-12-28 15:33:39


Yes please message me the contact details so we can connect. Thanks

Meena2022 2022-12-28 16:45:20


Meena connect with me on

RKSS14 2023-01-01 11:27:10


Hi @Music84. Can you please drop me a hello note to . I will share my mobile number and we can have a chat over phone or send me your phone number over email and I can connect. Thanks

umagaur18 2023-01-14 16:03:38


Of those who were called for orientation. Has anyone recieved confirmation of admission to middle school?

Syum2012 2023-01-18 10:57:05


        Not received any confirmation for middle school. If anyone receives please update 

SmiSree 2023-01-23 16:08:50


I think we can expect a reply by Feb only. Please let us know if any one received any update.

UshaRajesh 2023-01-24 13:26:48


I from Australia. we attended my child enrolment orientation and interview on Jan 7 & 8, still waiting for interview outcome.

Thank you 


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