Best schools in Saravanampatti

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priyapp38 2017-02-01 20:54:23


We have checked Vivekam CBSE, SNS academy and Liseux cmi public school today. Please give some review about these school and Please suggest any one school for my daughter (Pre kg).
It will be more helpful...

nithumom123 2017-03-22 14:58:03


Hi, I have enquired in KG INTERNATIONAL school annur and KOVAI VIDYASHRAM SCHOOL for admission into lkg. For kg international 52k including transport for lkg. In kovai VIDYASHRAM comes about 50k without transportation and 10k admission fee one time Still in dilemma, need to enquire in the ideal mount litera zee school Any advice would be appreciated!

92feb 2017-06-09 23:31:57


Hi. Vivekam cbse school Drawbacks are. Ncert text books being followed for science and maths which is completely unrelated to the std textbooks like macmillan,longman,oxford etc. Teaching and evaluation is very poor std .but easier to get admission than other schools. Fees 65000 for 3 to 5th (donation 40000)per yr transport around 18000


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