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123baby 2016-08-08 22:12:52


Thank you.... Actually lil pallikoodam and sarvvam both are near to my house jus wanted to know how is the school... And for CS academy rase course parents are not satisfied as in the main school... And how is stane's school now is the culture between students ok... Waiting for your reply...

asha911 2017-09-17 23:07:36


My daughters are studying in RaKs Pallikkoodam Coimbatore, they ICSE and IGSE from Grade 6 , low student teacher ratio, personal guidance and sports oriented school with different teaching methodology.. it is Lil Pallikkoodam Play and Pre kg and lkg, ukg junior school and RaKs Pallikkoodam grade school. Different approach and a good upcoming school..
Very clean, safe and caring environment 

samrit 2017-10-12 13:40:35


hi asha mam.plz give some info about raks pallikoodam as i saw that your children going there.i decided to join my kids there .


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