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Surmi83 2013-06-28 08:21:26


 We are looking for a school for our son who will be starting pre-kg next year. Does anyone have any experience of Yellow train? We are apprehensive as its a new place and their methods seem very different. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are new to Coimbatore and are finding this school selection really tough. Thanks a ton.

Ram77 2013-07-09 20:43:11


Selecting a school is tough. Do you know what type of education you want for your child? Different school's have different beliefs. You should find out their focus first. My view is the school should prepare my kids to face the world. I am a practical person and do not believe in alternative education methods. I personally do not know about this school you ask about, but a review of their website shows that it has alternative ideas. Also, track record of management / school is important. Anyway pkg is still very young so you could choose a school that is close to your house and then move to the final one for kg or grade 1.


Prakasham 2013-07-27 18:47:15


 Did you get to see Yellow train. When I asked for my cousin who was relocating , the management said they were full for this year. I have spoke to parents who had a good review about this school. You could also try Dinokids in Sivanandapuram. They follow  Early years curriculum and my freind sends his daughter there and he is more than happy. You could either check their website or visit their school. If you did manage to get into yellow train please do let me know, for my cousin seems to be keen on it.



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