best school for ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE in Kovai? Returning from UK and need your valuable inputs please ?

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itsvinod 2013-02-05 01:06:21


 Hi there !

We are planning to relocate to Kovai from UK and started looking for suitable schools particularly ICSE, IGCSE or CBSE ones. Area is not a constraint for us (so far ;) as we are open to find a place close to the school. 

The main focus for us is the syllabus, quality of education, extra curricular activities and of course the fees. I was considering the below schools in no particular priority

1. DPS thondamuthur

2. National Model School

3. Stanes 

4. Camford International School

After seeing other posts I am seriously considering CS Academy as well. I will appreciate if you could please let me know if you know any details on fee structure for CS academy and other schools which you know.

I have seen very insightful discussion in this forum and hoping to get your valuable inputs for my question as well. 



Arjmom 2013-02-05 11:07:48


hi again... i would check suguna pips also. syllabus - CS have said they will offer igcse also from 9th. i like that as i have the option to switch to that if required. also see article


itsvinod 2013-02-05 18:47:03


 Hi Arjmom

Thanks for your inputs. I will check Suguna PIPs as well, however gathered that it is difficult to get place there.  Switching to IGCSE at 9th is a very useful thing if I want to get my daughter back to UK for higher studies. Seems CS ticks most of the boxes for now, I am also keen to see what was thier results last year or so...

Do you have any information on thier fee stucture please ?




kousi 2013-02-23 18:28:54



I heard suguna pips offer hindi and french as second it true?they also make

IIT coaching compulsory.can anyone confirm?


jsonal80 2013-03-05 23:47:22


K'Sirs International school for ICSC board

Camford Int School for CBSC

Stanes for State board


Ram77 2013-03-06 10:59:44


KSRS has iGCSE as well I think. GD for stateboard. Stanes has upto 60 kids in a class - not ideal in my opinion.

Best to visit the schools you shortlisted, meet the management, evaluate their past experience and results produced by the management team (this may be diffiuclt as lots of new schools are CBSE, but the management should have experience in the school education field), meet some of the teachers, students. These will give a far better idea for you than anything else. Please do'nt go buy old brand names - many of these are franchised operations with focus on student numbers than quality.


jsonal80 2013-03-20 16:40:29


Frankly speaking, Stanes is little stricts on part of studies. KSirs again is really very good. Camford got vanished from my list the moment i entered the classrooms & met the teaching staffs. Manchester International is not at all coming up. Suguna- i cant trust their schools because i know the inner view about happenings at school. SBOA is good. Delhi Public school & PSBB is also very good.


Arjmom 2013-03-24 14:07:20


ram77 - very good advice, thnk u. we all have to do our visits and checking and this is more important now as more and more new schools are coming up that do not have a track record. the  only proxy we have is to talk to the people in the institutions as you say and look at the management qualifications, track record, achievements. if the same management (by this I mean the same people not the school name!) have other campuses, then what reputation do those have? this is a very good indicator I think of capability of management. also we should look past fancy airconditioned classrooms, other fancy facilities - do we go to a hospital by looking at the fancy rooms or brochure or do we go there for the quality of the doctor? of course decent sports facilities are a must like a playing field, basket ball etc. just a few thoughts - i hope these are helpful to those searching.



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