chinmaya vidyalaya- CBSE vadavalli

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dwarakanath 2012-11-10 10:06:25



Can anyone send me the feedback of chinmaya vidyalaya CBSE school in vadavalli.

I came to know that CBSE is started before 2 years and inside the campus of matric school chinmaya vidyala.





Arjmom 2012-11-16 18:13:26


in general purpose built cbse schools arebetter. everyone wants to start one as matric is out of favour but these schools end up doing the same methods as what they are used to in matric schools. the best schools are open and happy to have you sit in classes, observe, meet teachers etc. find a school that does that as seeing is believing. meet the people and management - you want to know who your child is going to be influenced by!!



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