International schools - when should we choose?

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Ram77 2012-09-26 19:48:16


this is my opinion after talking to many schools, visiting many schools and principals. i think if you are clear that you want your children to go outside india to study UG, good international schools are fine. but you can go abroad for UG even after graduating from cbse schools (the main thing is if you can shell out about 30,000 USD per year!). but i think it is very difficult to get into indian professional or even good commerce colleges if you have studied in an international syllabus. also many student seem to have successsfully moved from cbse to IB or iGCSE - for example, NPS Bangalore students regularly move to TISB and are successful. But the reverse - moving from international to local seems very difficult, especially in higher classes. also all higher education UG entrance exams are based on cbse syllabus. so conclusion is the following for me -  i personally think it is best to study at least until 8th in a cbse curriculum following school and then decide if you want to move to an international school or not after that. if you are clear on going abroad at that time, then move....otherwise you are closing your options too early.

lakshmicbe 2012-09-28 09:35:53


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Iris2012 2012-10-08 15:41:54


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