after 10th standard , what ?

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bkhk37 2012-05-22 22:16:48


My daughter is studying  in the 10th Standard in bangalore, she would be ready for PUC or 11 or ISC. My question to the parents who have been thro this dilema, is which one of the syllabi are good.

Also i have heard about neo schools like Isha home school , which provide the ISC syllabus. Though i have never been a follower of any cult or neo gurus, really dunno whether the students also are slowly drawn into the cult atmnosphere or will there be any bearing of the gurus into the education systems. Have read a little about the type of education system followed in Isha home school, seems to be different from the regular schools.  would have been good if they are exposed to such schools from the 1st standard ,

Any help in this would be highly appreciated , my mail id is



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