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I am a consultant geriatrician (Care of the elderly physician), trained in UK. Care of the elderly is an evolving concept in India.

Due to work pressure, sons and daughters may not have enough time to spend with their parents (usually, above 60 years of age). Whereas a child can be trained to look after his / her grandparent (s) through something called scientific sessions. This not only improves the bonding in the family, but also ensures that the child grows up with high moral values.

Just to give you a small example, of how this training may help our society. Stroke (brain attack) is commonly seen in the elderly. If recognised early, there are special medications to bring back the neurological functions to as normal as possible. On the otherhand, if neglected (ie: medical attention sought after 3 hours), patients may end up having a disability for life. Recognising Stroke isn't that difficult. Just to remember the word FAST- Face, Arm, Speech, Time- Any abnormality in the face, Weakness of arm/leg, Speech problems- incoherent etc. Time is very essential. Recognising this early can be life saving and also minimises disablitiy to a great extent. 

I am happy to volunteer (Free service) to do these scientific sessions for the kids of Coimbatore. I would like to tie up with the like minded people (parents) to organise these events. I will appreciate if you can share your views regarding this, in this forum. 


Dr. Sathish

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you are into an amazingly noble profession...Great job!! do u give this sessions in chennai? how long is a session? this is indeed useful info...


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Dear Mr. Arjun,

Thanks for your kind words. My native is Chennai and moved to Coimbatore (after returning from UK) for obvious reason (the weather).

I am happy to extend my services to Chennai when possible. 

Geriatric services are available in Chennai. Dr. VS Natarajan is the pioneer in starting Geriatric Medicine in India and he is based at Chennai. However I am not sure whether they have any programmes (regular)  to educate the school children, regarding care of the elderly.

I prefer to make this an interactive session, rather than a lecture. Students above standard 6 can benefit from this session. The session overall may last for an hour. 

If parents find time to attend them, it will make even more interesting and useful. 

Thanks for your sharing your comment.


Dr. Sathish



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