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sita0704 2011-05-30 20:11:17



My son is going to turn 2 the next month. Im planning to join him to a good play school.......... May i know the right age to join play school n is the play school necessary ????

roses 2011-05-31 10:10:30



You could get your son to join a play-school if he is a 'typical' boy and a restless child who needs company of other children his age. They are several benefits of putting a child at his age in a playschool. Descipline, social skills, learning through peers and caregivers, exposure to books, nursery rhymes and arts/crafts, plus most important he gets to let his energy out and you get a break. In some cases it helps with eating skills, if the playschool includes mid-day snack/lunch.

At the same time there are downsides too:

They tend to pick up a lot of infections too frequently which takes a toll on the parents as well as the child. This will be his first season when he will be exposed to children his age and to different germs. Please be prepared to have a fairly frequent sick child. I (and so do many doctors) do not agree with the much repeated statement that it builds immunity. Viruses mutate. 

They pick up some not so good habits and some good ones.

Potty training can be a challenge. They may revert back to old habits if they see other children in diapers.  

Keeping them on your schedule on nutrition and quality food can become difficult. Good appropriate diet for a young child his age is very important and you may not be able to manage it well because of the struggle to get him to playschool on time.

Plus the overall process of getting them ready and to school on time at this age is tough.

Not to overlook that all this does not come free of cost. He will also be missing school often because he will be out sick.

I am not advocating either because you are the best judge of the situation.

You can get him started as early as 18months as I did, but you can also manage to keep him home and do a better job. It is entirely your call.

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sita0704 2011-05-31 14:15:07


Hello  Rose!!!

thx for ur comment.... ya ur right, joining a play group has +++ n ---. Me n my hub has decided to join my son directly to LKG the next yr when he will be 3yrs.

The attention to the child given by us cant we except the same frm play grp teachers.
Hope everything comes out well....

thxx once again..








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