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seenuraj 2010-04-13 10:18:11



Do you know any good Behavioural Therapist in Bangalore. My is developmentally delayed and is hyperactive plus non verbal.

Can you suggest a good Therapist. Presently, he is going to Parijma in Double road but I am not happy with the service.





Jasper 2010-06-14 13:12:18


Dear Mickey,

I am planning to move to Ooty with my son, please you tell me the name of the school taht caters to speacial children, my child has ADHD(border line) he is seven and has just started with the alphabets, this year however we are targettign to get him learn the phonetics... hope he get it. Or if you can you let me know if there are any schools that will admit children with speacial needs.  Thnk&Rgds-Jasper


mickey 2010-06-15 12:18:00


Hi Jasper,

I replied to you in another discussion thread where u posted a query to Sharmi whose son is studying in Ooty.

I wrote to Sharmi and came to know that her son is in Crescent school which is one of the best schools in Ooty. It follows ICSE and is more into academics than other activities. The teachers are very good. She has suggested that you could try in the same school for your son too.

You need to mention to the teachers that the kid is slow and that he needs more attention instead of labeling the kid with   ADHD. I hope you got me. Naming the situation gives a different impression. The teachers are very good and patient.

There are other International schools with high fees structure  which are good.

I suggest you to first visit Crescent , talk to the Principal and teachers , see their response and then decide about other schools.

Sharmi says she has already written to u about Crescent School. Just check out.




Jasper 2010-06-15 12:39:06


Hi Mickey,


Yep I received an e-mail from Sharmi as well, Thanks so much both of you for gettign me the information. True as you say, that many teachers ro schools dont really equipped to understand ADHD children, on the other hand children diagonised with ADHD  are truly different from one another you knwo what i mean, like my son is quite a normal child only if you just look at him and talk to him, but his milestones are very slow he seven now and has just started alphabets and numbers wtc.. and is a bit slow at grasping numbers and alphabets, but where as he has such a keen ear for music and drama, people faces, drawing etc.. his sense of music sometimes has me bewildered me, he will tell me the name of the music within the fist beat of the song. you know what i mean...  I think all speacial kids have some kind of potential in them which has to be tapped and understood my lesser inttelect like us.  I wish to start a school one day that will accommodate these type of special kids and also thos children taht do not want be a part of  mad rat race that we are in.... smile Thnaks once again for all your help.


mickey 2010-06-15 18:46:23


Hi Jasper,

Thats great ! Yes, u need to tap his potential and provide him the right guidance and training , be it in music or Performing Arts like theatre, drama. Encourage him to draw and paint and let him feel a sense of achievement. These activities play a vital role in awakening the interest and enthusiasm in kids. A possible success in a seemingly unimportant activity can bring greater confidence, a higher level of achievement in academic work and a more positive creative attitude in him. So keep encouraging and provide him some good professional training too if required.

Who knows, he may build a career out of it at a later stage !  A degree in Fine Arts can also do wonders once he grows up....

So just be patient enough to find a good school for him in Ooty and keep us posted. We  will be glad to know his progress...




sudip 2010-11-21 20:27:35



.I am a working mother who unfortunately gave very little time to her and she has been brought up majorly by her ayas. My daughter is 2.5 yrs old and doesnt speak  She also doesnt respond to anything talked to her. However if we tell her anything in action she follows it  and also repeats them as it is. Also she mingles around with her peers and people at home and likes playing with them. She is hyper active and sits at one place only when she does something like painting or playing with a toy. she also doesnt respond to her name but looks for us when we say hide and seek she runs to else she is always on a run. she can also identify all objects in terms of their usage. We went to MERF in chennai and they say she has ADD can we be sure of it or is it because of my poor training




aanchal 2010-11-22 10:59:40


anamika, all kids are always on the run and do not sit at one place unless the activity interests them a lot..this feature alone doesnt call for hyperactivity. we as adults tend to compare kids's activity level with ours and find them too hyper. the comparison with other kids is also sometimes not fair, as different kids have different ways to express themselves. some do it by running around, some do it by playing with toys all the time, some do it by craving for parents' attention all the time.

your daughter's lack of speech, however, is a matter of concern. does she babble and say mama-daddy, hmmm, no, aah, ? or is she completely non-verbal? if she is completely non-verbal, u need to get an assessment done by a speech therapist. u can learn to train her at home then, once the speech therapist gives her diagnosis.

you can start training her to sit at one place for 10-15 minutes using things that interest her. gradually increase that time to 15-20. for a kid under 3, 20 minutes is a sufficient slot for doing one activity with attention. then take a break. let her be on her own and then after, say half an hour or so, sit down again for 15-20 minutes

dont blame yourself for her condition. in many cases(not all), kids who are brought up by aayas in the initial years, speak late. but they catch up later. but if there is an inability, then even a hands-on mother cant do much about it without getting a medical help. so stop blaming yourself for 'poor training'


Alokvarshney 2011-01-04 03:20:11


I live in Meerut.
My son has mild Dyslexia,
have few of the above mentioned problems.
Where I can get help.


sanchitalwin 2011-05-07 17:57:10


Hi Aanchal

Your replies and insight has been really very encouraging. Our son is 4 and half years old and even though we have not formally diagnosed him through a doctor, by hi symtoms we understand that he is having ADHD.

Could you help us with us what steps we can take. I mean which doctor we can take him to, where can we take him for behavioral therapy. I am also confused about the diet. He is very fussy with food and liked only pizzas and noodles and pastas. I really need help in the kind of food that I should make which would help him.

Just wanted to also mention that we are homeschooling him. He is very smart and has learnt to read already. He can read simple picture books and loves to color and draw. We have aslo enrolled him for skating classes near home so that his energy is chanelllized in the right manner.

But somehow, he has an aversion towards studies and gets really agitated many a times when his needs are not met.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


mizzs 2011-05-08 14:25:34



One of the most important areas to target for children with ADHD is 'routine.'  They benefit greatly from a methodical approach to routines. 

check out this website

Just search for 'routine' and several articles show up on how to build routines for your child in everyday routines.  You can go through those to see what fits your needs.

Your son eats only white starchy foods you say...does he have any oral sensitivities?  If you live in the US, ask your pediatrician to refer you to a speech therapist or a developmental OT.  They will do an evaluation and see if he will benefit from a program to densisitze him to other foods.  The reason to do this (besides making your life easy) is that white starch foods spike the blood sugar (making ur child more energetic) and then there is a quick crash (too tired ad cranky).  Besides the behavioral component such a rapid change in blood sugar brings about, it will also affect his availiability to learning.  A wound up child will have a harder time attending as will a fatigued child.  This will show up even in sports and games-especially as he grows older he will not be able to engage in these activities with sustained effort.

Good luck:)


sanchitalwin 2011-05-10 23:00:30



Thank you mizzs, for taking the time and responding to my posting. you asked me about oral sesitivities. Do you mean speech problems? If yes, then he surely does have a little bit of problem but we try to speak to him and read him books. This has improved his speech over a period of time but with certain words he still finds it difficult to pronounce. He is 4 1/2 years now.

we are from Bangalore, India. And we have been looking for a doctor here who we can take him to for actually assessing him before we proceed with some treatment. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. We are really looking for someone who is specialized in this area and not just a general Psychiatrist (someone who has been working with children like this)

Thank you for sharing the link..



NJ 2011-05-11 01:49:49


sanchitwalwin, You can try joining the indiandevelopmental disabilities yahoo groups. Some of the parents based in bangalore can answer your question.


mizzs 2011-05-11 02:55:44


HI Sanchita,

Is your son sensitive to certain textures in food? From the list you mentioned it seems like he prefers soft foods.  It's almost like being tactile defensive but with the inner lining of your mouth...(almost).  Kids who have such sensitivities have a harder time chewing/biting and may even gag with smells and certain textures. If you can find an OT who works with children they will be able to help you with assessment and a desensitization plan...I will look up info and mail it here-give me a few days.

As for his speech-take him to a speech therapist .  The speech therapist will assess if it is an articulation issue (making the sounds/working on oro motor strength etc) or a language need-in which case she/he will give you a specific sequence of skills to follow at home as well as work with him individually.  Let me ask my list of contacts but I see NJ has given a good idea to link up with other parents as well.  They maybe good resources too.   


sanchitalwin 2011-05-11 10:13:03


Thank you NJ for your suggestion. Will do that.

And thank you mizzs for helping me understand this food type. I had never looked at it from that perspective. Yes, he does not like food that is too hard. Even for apples its better we peel the skin out and give him. That has been his habit since he was a baby. We just used to think that he is too lazy to chew :)

I will join the list and see if I can get some help. Just in cse any of you come accross any speech therapist ot OT ( especially someone who deals with ADHD children), then please do let us know.


mizzs 2011-05-13 15:06:08


Hi Sanchita,

am waiting for replies from my contacts...will let you know about professionals in Bangalore when I hear from them.


mizzs 2011-05-22 19:54:25



Try the Institute of Speech and Hearing in Bangalore-they maybe able to guide you about the evaluation process.  Wherever you decide to go for evaluation/prognosis, always ask a lot of questions about what the specific terms mean from a practical standpoint. 



sohamjita 2011-05-27 17:54:04


 hi sri,

hope till now you have found a good school for your child.I am also working a s a therapist for the last 1 year with a nonverbal child.And what my child's parent is doing is he got her admitted in a scool for children with special needs near kamanahalli and also appointed two therapists to work with her at home for 3 hours daly.Thus each day she is getting 6 hours ABA training and a large number of improvements are there in her daily behaviour.You can also try the same routine for him.


znljubica 2011-06-08 16:57:07



A ADHD/ADD is increasingly understood. It is good, that the problem is recognized, because without recognizing there is no solution of the problem. However, parents need to be careful. In many countries the diagnosis of hyperactivity is most regular source of income for psychologists and educators.It is clear, that the education of children with attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity need a lot of patience, time, education and love. Everything should be done before applying medication.According to the World Health Organization, psychiatric drugs (including medication for ADHD) take 2, 3 and 4 place most prescription drugs to youngest patients.They are increasingly being prescribed for the younger children (eg. aged four to seven years) but no one knows exactly what a reaction will caused, nor the first attempt to treat by psychotherapy. It is not surprising if it is known that in 2000. in America only, for the ADHD drug market worth 625 million U.S. dollars.

Thangad 2011-06-20 16:41:19


Hello Priya,


My sister son is sufferening ffrom Hyperactive and developmental delay, he is 5 years old and attending OT and speech Tharphy for the past two years.

Is there any mainstream schools is Chennai is willing to take these students and work with them.

Pls. help.


Madan2011 2011-07-31 23:12:08



Can somebody suggest a good doctor to diagnose ADHD in Hyderabad. My child has all those symptoms of ADHD published in different websites. We reside in Miyapur area in Hyderabad.

Need you kind advise.Thanks in advance.

- Madan & Gouri



kmrb 2011-08-20 21:52:31


hi Madan2011

u can go to Dr.Gowridevi, Image hospitals,ameerpet .My son was diagnosed by her as autistic.


annakochu 2012-04-21 02:06:21


 Dear Aanchal and others,

my son was diagnosed at about 10-11 years old with ADHD by a wellknown doctor referred by an equally well known special school. He suggested anti-depressants, rather than Ritalin which is used in US and UK.  However, both my husband and I simultaneously said, after we left docs' office, that we do not agree with the meds- very rarely do hubby and I agree straight off about any point! So, we did not give it. But later, a medical problem which was hidden, showed up, and after diff checkups from diff docs, we started those meds. Then, the school teachers started telling me that there was a lot of improvement in focus, concentration and therefore in writing answers,etc.

 So, some times, ADHD  is diagnosed without a long-term observation(6-month) period. Also, other problems like parental problems, problems with in-laws or other care-givers in the home, or any other problem that the child may perceive, could also aggravate hyperactivity.  I found that a lot of physical activity, with fun, is neccessary for children to expend their energy, so that they can sit willingly in class ( very high pressure nowadays) and study and write. The book 'The Gift of Dyslexia' gives a chapter on ADHD. It is worth reading.





kalpanaramesh 2012-06-27 14:17:14


hi aanchal,


          i m son is 3 years old...he got a adhd i m taking for treatment....i like to take OT and put in pre school...we living in chennai...he always expecting to lift him....sleeping and eating is normal...if anything need he will show by action.....but having hyper, less eye contact....i need best school or OT in please if u know me.


kalpanaramesh 2012-06-27 14:19:53


hi aanchal,


          i m son is 3 years old...he got a adhd i m taking for treatment....i like to take OT and put in pre school...we living in chennai...he always expecting to lift him....sleeping and eating is normal...if anything need he will show by action.....but having hyper, less eye contact....i need best school or OT in please if u know me.


aanchal 2012-06-28 13:10:49


i am sorry but i have no idea about chennai.

has he been clinically diagnosed by a psychologist about ADHD? or is it a term concluded from information available around? also, where are you taking him for therapy? and what kind of therapy is being given? occupational, chemical?

if you happen to come to bangalore, i will surely try and help you further. if not, let me know if i can help you through emails


kalpanaramesh 2012-06-29 13:19:44


no aanchal... icant come to if u can please share thru email....thank u......


VJ007 2013-06-12 00:05:55


 My son has ADHD, we live in Sainikpuri. Looking for a school near by. can someone please help me. (+919901182668). Thanks in advance. VJ



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