Need good ideas for kids school snack

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mango_mama 2008-12-08 09:26:03


Hi moms (dads welcome too),

Have little help nowdays and mornings are so rushed. Need easy, fun and healthy ideas for kids school snack. NOT lunch but the 10:30ish snack that they take to school.

If possible do not want to make anything, since need to make lunch for 2 kids as well.

Some that I do are sandwiches and a fruit, banana chips, sometimes pop in  some nuts and a cube of cheese, crackers and cheese paste...easy stuff that do not need to make in the morning. Other ideas to make my life easy in the morning and ensure something decent for the little ones are welcome

Help! Thanks.


annu 2008-12-08 12:25:08


You could also try Museli and/or chocos Gitu, they come out of a packet, no preparation required, no mess in eating, great nutritional value :)


kavii 2009-02-03 19:11:13


According to me the best snacks is,the fruit salad,cookiesand sundal request to all parents is,plse do not giv chips items, kurkure,cheetos etc to the children,it is not good for their health and also avoid chinese items(fast food items) it will be easy for us to cook but still........ 


shobha 2009-02-03 21:47:33


A few easy ideas that I incorporate:

You can microwave some frozen american sweet corn and mix a teaspoon of salted butter after it has been cooked and maybe even throw in some cheese.

You can pop some corn in the microwave and pack it with some melted cheddar cheese dip.

Mix some bhel with nuts and sev.

Carrot & cucumber strips with cheese dip.

Whole wheat twisted puffs from your local bakery.

Bread with pesto spread on top. We get the pesto from a local Auroville store.

Raisins mixed with their favourite nuts.


Sumo 2009-02-05 09:14:55



I got some ideas too, from this post; thanks

Boiled potato - with just salt and pepper or with cheese

Avalakki - poha snack ; I found a good recipe for this on the net; good snack for adults too with some yummy mango chutney

Brown bread upma - soak cubes of bread in little dahi for a few minutes and then saute with onion, green chilly, kadi patha, turmeric powder and salt.  You have to acquire a taste for this - my younger daughter loves this while my elder one does not - you can try out and see






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