Tonsillitis for 3.5 yr old

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TS 2011-03-24 15:51:08


Hi All,

My 3.5 yr old son is suffering for tonsillitis and every night he is not able to have a sound sleep.He wakes very often with breatheless,snores and sleeps with open mouth.

Mornings he will not be in a position to get up and we will be in hurry to rush to office and school.Of late things are getting worse.

Whenever we visit doctor,she gives antibotics and suggesting  us to go for surgery to remove tonsils.We are not able to decide.

Can someone suggest whether it is safe for surgery or any other alternative availble in homeopathy.Also pls suggest a good pediatric ENT doctor as well any homeopathy doctor.

Looking forwrd to inputs from all of you.





aanchal 2011-03-24 16:29:03


my son (3.6) had severe tonsilitis too..we consulted many docs..and all of them suggested he is too small to go for surgery..they said that if by 6 years of age, problem persists, then surgery might be done.

as for now, he is off any cold item. for the last 9 months, i have been giving him these following things and touch wood, his tonsils are much better (even the doc was amazed):

  • septilin syrup
  • sitopalad in honey
  • blackpepper in honey
  • baryta mur and baryta carb 30x each(homeopathy)

recently i have started giving him turmeric in honey. i will stop the course after completing 4 weeks.



TS 2011-03-24 16:43:36


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for the reply,

Can you please suggest at wht time u give all the above stuff?Who suggested the homeopathy tabs,did u visit any specific doc?

Where do u get septilin and sitopalad?

Sorry for asking so many questions.




aanchal 2011-03-24 18:45:14


septilin: i started giving septilin after i discussed about it last year on PT itself. i started somewhere in May. i gave it for sometime, then stopped for a while, then re-started. the dose is one tbsp will get it any medicine shop (brand: himalaya)

blackpepper in honey: i started giving in May last year..1 tbsp daily. couple of months back, he caught i increase the dose to 2 tbsp daily (i buy whole peppercorns and ground them roughly, instead of buying the blackpepper powder)

sitopalad in honey: i give whenever he has cold or his tonsils are will get it in any ayurvedic shop (like dabur/ baidyanath)

homeopathy: i consulted our homeo doc in my hometown and bought the bottles from jaynagar.


TS 2011-03-25 20:37:23


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for the Info.I ll try out.

Should we restrict milk in take,bocz i believe it increases the cold.

Any other food rectriction,u suggest.



aanchal 2011-03-25 21:20:42


i dont know about milk..i know milk should be stopped when there is stomach upset..but for cold, i, in fact give hot milk with turmeric..check with other people too before stopping milk for this as i am not too sure :)

other things that i usually avoid to keep his tonsils under control are icecream, cold curd, cold drink, cold juice (anything out of fridge directly)too much toffees and candies..when there is cold attack, i stop all fruits except oranges,apple and banana.

get your son checked for adenoids..the symtpoms you mentioed in your first post are common to adenoids too.


TS 2011-03-28 12:22:22


Hi Aanchal,

After X ray and initial check up..doc has concluded that my son is having adenoids problem and he will encounter breathing difficulties.

He suggested us to wait for 2-3 months and get operated to remove the adenoids.

We feel it is too early and this breathing problem may reduce if he grows.We are looking at homeopathy options also.

Really worried bcoz he hardly gets sufficient sleep in the night.



aanchal 2011-03-28 12:46:13


my son is on a nasal spray for 6 weeks for his adenoids..after that, we will put him on homeopathy..your doc seems too quick at suggesting a surgery..he got xray done to find out adenoids?? i have seen other docs using a nasal torch to find out that..i would be too wary of such doc..

dont worry, your son will be alright..where do you stay?if you live in or around bannerghatta road, you can meet Dr Seema Mishra at apollo hospital if you live close to sarjapur road, you can meet Dr Tejaswini..i have yet to see more patient, understanding and warm pediatricians than these two fine ladies :)


TS 2011-03-28 12:56:44



I stay in Whitefield.

This doc(ENT specialist) of manipal gave some nasal spary and we are also looking for some good homeopathy doc.

I take my son to apollo clinic in whitefield,Dr Tanuja mishra,she suggested to wait till 4.5 yrs before proceding with surgery.She asked us to continue nasal spray along with homeo.

We dont want go in for surgery and exploring other options also.



aanchal 2011-03-28 13:50:34


yes..all good docs will suggest you to wait till 6 years of age for the surgery, unless the problem is too severe.

i can tell you the names of the homeo medicines for adenoids in small kids, in case you want..if you go to a homeo doc please be carefull..see this link


stj 2011-03-28 19:10:13


my daughter has been seeing dr e v raman @manipal hospital. for the same problem. She was put on metaspray and n 2 mnths time... her adenoids were almost bak to normal . Dr raman is quite good my famliy..... and friends also consult him and have had positive results


aanchal 2011-03-28 19:25:01


my son is on metaspray too..TS, dont go for surgery..put him on spray and he will be fine.


TS 2011-03-30 11:51:34


Aanchal.....Just want to chk whether we can use metaspray along with homeopathy medcine.

I also started honey and pepper.Hope things cum under control.


aanchal 2011-03-30 11:57:18


i dont know about that, dear..i am giving homeopathy to my son for other things if needed (like today he bumped his head hard against the tap and i gave him arnica montana)..but i dont know if spray and homeopathy for adenoids should be given together.

i have recently read somewhere that honey+lemon juice+blackpepper does wonders in case of adenoids..i will start it after the spray course is over.


shan 2011-03-30 13:49:51


 Dear TS,

please do not give any medications just because it worked for another person.Your child is unique,his food habitsand allergies are different .if this works it is good. suppose he reacts otherway,what will you do?

Tonsils and adenoids are like the watchdogs in human body.they guard you against infections.Their swelling shows that your child has got some problem in the body. never go for surgery.

Septilin syrup is good. Septilin tab is even better.There are good ayurvedic medicines to completely clear the adenoids and tonsillitis.please avoid giving him cheese,panneer,anar, guava, fried snacks and cold drinks.salt water gargling,oil pulling using irimedadi thailam are some sure shot self helps. good luck


shan 2011-03-30 13:52:03


 dont combine two systems of medicine.Remember your kid may be fragile to bear all the drugs.

consult a good Ayurvedic doctor for a personalised treatment plan for him.This problem is not serious. So dont worry


stj 2011-03-31 15:52:44


This is purely my suggestion... I was very worried abt my daughter .... started with septalin.....6 months... no improvement matters only became worse. Consulted a doctor in Vellore CMC ( She's the HODof the ENT dept)...and dr Raman in Manipal hospital. Both gave the same diagonsis and same medcines.

be very careful and cautious to which homeo or ayurvedic doctor u go to...

The prob with homeo is that u wont know what the content of the medicine is ... I'm saying this out of personal experience as my cousin's 3 yr was admitted for pneumonia after taking ayurvedic and homeo medicines. These medicines,if at all work....take a very long time to work.

Metaspray is a localised anti inflammatory spray that will bring down the swellling in the nasal track. It is due allery or repeated colds that the lining in the nose and adenoids are swollen...and thus the airway is congested and so u hear a snoring ( or more like a pigeon's prrrr) sound when the child sleeps@ night.  

Once u target the root problem , which is the inflammed nasal track, then u can start with an ayurvedic medicine to boost the child's immunity so that further colds or allergy attack r minimised.

But if ur doc has prescribed metaspray, please use it... and only the dosage that the dr has sugested.



shan 2011-04-01 13:43:02


Ayurveda is not an alternative for allopathy.It is sad to note the comment that "If at all it works,it takes a long time" is not true at all. It is a myth that ayurvedic medicines take long time to work.On the contrary it works faster in problems like diahorrea,Dysentry faster than loperamide group.with better efficacy in jaundice,GI tract diseases like gastric and peptic ulcers and oesophageal regurgitations.Whether it is rheumatoid arthritis or a PCOD, ayurveda offers non steroidal non hormonal solutions.

..The solutions are more on lifestyle modifications,and in targetting the cause of a particular disease then on merely bringing down the symptoms.

And medicine wont induce a pneumonia.It is likely that the progression of the disease has lead to pneumonia.I am not telling that only Ayurveda is the best.Every science has its limitations.But based on a single experience you should not shun away from a quality treatment.

The child's immunity raises when there is a overall improvement in metabolism,his/her physical activities and with a good ,suitable diet.


aanchal 2011-04-01 14:37:14


i agree with branch of treatment is bad..its our limited knowledge of it and some bad experience with it that makes us feel so


rida 2011-11-13 21:41:32


hii aanchal i started giving my son breath ezzay for last one month for cough and allergy as he suffer with adniods also but it is subsided with nasal spray .plz suggest me is breath ezzay is good for kids for allergy problems.Dr prescribed me montar 5 for caugh for 2 months after montar i started giving breath ezzay i feel my  so is better now i wanna now is breath ezzy good to continue for one more month.... thanks



aanchal 2011-11-15 22:28:07


i dont know if it should be given to small kids. always check with doctor before giving medicines if you are not sure yourself. some medicines are good for adults, but not suitable for kids..please check it out


bite 2011-11-16 12:05:57



My daughter is 5yrs old with adenoid problem.So same problem of tonsils...she was suffering.After her 7days course of antibiotics i shifted to a immune strenthening supplements or food supplements suggested by a dieticien,now she is fine.I M satisfied with the supplements.



iqrazubi 2011-11-29 23:18:09



My Daughter is exactly 3 yrs and 6 months.. For the past one year she has been facing snoring problems. Though she gets a disturbed sleep, like tossing n turning through out the night , she still manages to be asleep..

I have visited several doctors and they said her tonsils are large, and she could be facing a problem called adenoids..

One of the doctocs however has said that i should go for an X-ray and then start with meta spray for a month..

I am not sure what to do.. I live in Bangalore near R. T. Nagar.

Please help.


iqrazubi 2011-11-29 23:32:28


 Hi Aanchal, 


I went through all your recommendatiions and i am really grateful to you.

I have one question in my mind however that is it necessary to ggive homoeopathy treatment to the child along with your suggested treatments..

If yes could you please recommend me any one good near R.T.Nagar Area..



iqrazubi 2011-11-30 22:49:06


 Hi Teju,


Can u please tell me which doctor you visited and what are the supplements that she gave you...



bite 2011-12-13 10:59:47


hi Iqrazubi,Did you ask me for food supplement?If yes then Ican suggest you.



iqrazubs 2011-12-19 23:31:56


 Hi Bite,


I would really appreciate if u can suggest the food supplements for my daughter.. Thanks in advance




mapledream 2012-06-04 20:09:58



I am mother of 4 year old boy, he has throat infection every month and 7 days  antibiotics course every month since last one year. 2 months back doctor conducted Swab test and it was negative. He yesterday suggested me to remove his tonsils and now I am tensed as he is too small to have surgery. Though as of now I am not going to take any step as I think still he needs to build his immunity.

Can someone suggest me which all test I have to go through to check wheter he has any tonsils or adnoids problem? Tonsils problem can be solved by home remdies?

I am already giving him septilin syrup to him from last two months, which is  working fine so far, though  he got to bouts of throat infection also I stop it when he is on antibiotics.


What else I can give him to boost his immunity?What food I should avoid ? 

Is there any good doctor in Mumbai? Presently I am in Dubai and I am fed up of this place as my son is always sick here :-(


Please help me




babypearl 2012-06-14 10:15:21


hi all

my daughter is 5 yrs old ...even i went through all this problems till last nov ...she was on antibiotics every 2 weeks gap.coz pf wheezing cold fever..i was fed up going to the doc she gav me pedimmune for 3 months ...which dint work then i tried homeopathy as many told me it worked for thm but homeo turned worse for my kid as she landed up vomiting for one full week...tested ayurvedic tht too dint work...thn one day her class teacher told me to try ammway kids range...which realy worked for her as her immunity has shooted up..i m giving her frm last 7 months ...

   but 2 days back one of my cousin visited ys she is a doc and she told us tht we shld discontinue it as she heard tht it has steroids in it...i m confused now to continue it or not as this was a relief for me after so many trial and errors ...does anybody know abt this whether this is true....



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