Genetically Modified Crops

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sathya 2008-11-20 20:57:16


I was reading in the paper today about a protest by Greenpeace about Genetically Modified (GM) crops. And I have heard on and off over the last few years about GM crops and their dangers.

I have also heard from others who say that genetic modification has been practiced in India (and other countries) for decades and that's how India achieved some of our great agricultural advances.

I was wondering if there is anyone on Parentree with insight into this issue, who can educate all of us?





annu 2008-11-20 22:47:28


what India had was spread the use of High Yielding Variety of crops and that's how it's foodgrain production was boosted....that is what is popularly known as the Green Revolution....

We have all experienced the shift from regular seedy grapes to seedless grapes...

I believe these are all instances of producing hybrid variety, than about genetic modifications...


mango_mama 2008-11-21 13:08:29


Yes, am very interested in hearing about the dangers and examples...thnx. anyone?


PD 2008-11-21 17:50:42


Yes, I too read the article and was really scared......guess this is what happens when Man uses science against nature and creation.....  we have become so greedy and want things to happen fast!.....we don't want to stop and watch the fruit on the tree ripen with time....we want to enjoy the fruit before it is ready to be eaten.....that is really sad.

It would also be nice if any of us can share information on whether we can find out or how we would know if a vegetable or fruit has been genetically a mom who loves to make the best of dishes for my little son, it is a scary thought to think about stepping into a market and buying stuff that I know can be potentially harmful to my little one in the long run......

I think that if we can do something.... as parents interested in the future of our stop GM foods reaching India, then we must, through Parentree......any ideas anyone?




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