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mango_mama 2009-08-11 14:20:00


Is there a good kind of face mask to get? Good brand?

I just got a few simple Rs 14 triple layer ones. Do they work?

Just stocking up in case.

They said they were out of the really good ones.

Any info. on this will be appreciated. Thanks!


sathya 2009-08-11 14:30:51



The World Health Organization (WHO) and many other medical authorities say that it is not clear that face masks help people from getting infected. In fact, they worry that they give the wearer a false sense of security.

The mask itself may become the surface on which the germs may gather and when you touch the mask, the germs may come to your hands.  So regular handwashing becomes more important than wearing a mask.

Most cheap masks in the market do not have filters that prevent you from breathing in small particles. Only masks known as N95 respirators can filter out small particles. Also the good ones are only for one time use. After they get damp or humid, they must be thrown out.

Most medical authorities recommend that people who have flu-like symptoms wear masks to prevent infecting healthy people, rather than the other way around. If you are healthy, you can wear a face mask if you are taking care of a sick person or if you are going to be in a very crowded place. Again, the better strategy here maybe to avoid the crowded places when possible.



 Former member 2009-08-11 15:10:10


Hi, I also read the same as Sathya said.

N95 is the only mask good but you should use it only when you have flu like symptoms or you are taking care of H1N1 person.

In other case, masks are not really required. The surgical masks which are avalible in the market and everyone is using them are not useful for H1N1 but they are for pollution.



umasworld 2009-08-11 18:14:12


Yeah, agree. Read the same. Especially that the mask itself can become dangerous if infected.


RamyaAnand 2009-08-12 12:26:08


Hello Guys...

I got this latest info on how we could avoid or help cure Swine Flu with Thulasi leaves. (Im not too sure of the authentcity tho) Read the following article... may be of some help :)

Indian herbs 

    Tulsi can help keep swine flu away: Ayurvedic experts
  Lucknow, May 27: Wonder herb Tulsi can not only keep the dreaded swine flu at bay but also help in fast recovery of an afflicted person, Ayurvedic practitioners claim.


"The anti-flu property of Tulsi has been discovered by medical experts across the world quite recently. Tulsi improves the body's overall defence mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. It was successfully used in combating Japanese Encephalitis and the same theory applies to swine flu," Dr U K Tiwari, a herbal medicine practitioner says.

Apart from acting as a preventive medicine in case of swine flu, Tulsi can help the patient recover faster.

"Even when a person has already contracted swine flu, Tulsi can help in speeding up the recovery process and also help in strengthening the immune system of the body," he claims.

Dr Bhupesh Patel, a lecturer at Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar is also of the view that Tulsi can play an important role in controlling swine flu.

"Tulsi can control swine flu and it should be taken in fresh form. Juice or paste of at least 20-25 medium sized leaves should be consumed twice a day on an empty stomach."

This increases the resistance of the body and, thereby, reduces the chances of inviting swine flu," believes Patel.

Bureau Report 
Date 4th. Aug 2009

Thanks, Ramya


Ratnam 2009-08-13 00:26:42


Thank u for your information.


Ratnam 2009-08-13 00:30:14


Dear Friends ,

We travel in crowded Mumbai local trains . Even Iam travelling in 1st I hv seen people don't bother to cover their mouth while coughing or sneezing . under tis situation I don't think any type of mask will be effective.

Any good suggestion ?




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