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alsu 2010-12-13 12:43:48


 hello to all..

my son 2.1yrs old is suffering from cold and severe cough for the past 5days. allopathy didn work. so now started with homeopathy. i see little improvement but he is suffering a lot. he is unable to have proper sleep. he also coughs and vomits watever he takes in..

so i thought of buying a nebuliser and nebulise him coz there is lot of chest congestion too. the homeopathy doctor adviced me to use the nebuliser without any medicine just the saline water. 

can i know bout this more? is it advisable to nebulise him? which nebuliser is recommended? plz advice..


vans1234 2010-12-13 12:50:29


 I nebulise my kid  when she is wheezing  but with medicine.

never heard of saline water though.

u'll get nebuiser in  selected  medical store .



vans1234 2010-12-13 12:54:48


hot  steam bath will  make him feel better for some time atleast.....give him hot soup & ginger tea also. oranges have high vitamin c content ....good in cold.

hope this helps.


alsu 2010-12-13 15:17:49


thanx vans..

planning to get a nebuliser.. hope my son gets a relief..


alsu 2010-12-13 15:29:49


hi.. i dont know wat specifications need to b seen to buy a nebuliser. can u tel me wat brand which u r using?and cost of a nebuliser?


Ira 2010-12-13 16:03:34


Hi, my 3 year old daughter too has chest congestion, hve just purchased Nulife nebuliser for Rs.2000/-. She too takes homopathy treatment & was advised to give plain water. I can see steam comming from the mask, it's not hot though, shall be running down to the chemist to enquire. Nebuliser is the safest mean for toddlers & a good bargain in the long run, hope this helps u & may ur son hve a fast recovery.   


Saran007 2010-12-14 10:33:27


I guess even i have bought the Nebuliser. I do not remember for how much, may be ~2.1K. My paediatrician suggested this and he also gave a contact number of dealer who came to my house and delivered the Nebuliser. If you want you can also contact him @9845415550


apster 2010-12-14 11:15:02


hi Alsu,

I am sorry I am seeing this thread so late. I am using an Infi-neb nebulizer which I bought a few months ago for Rs.2400 in my local pharmacy. It has been very useful, the only small problem I had is that the mask that comes with it was too big for my 2.5 year old son. However I already had a baby mask that I had purchased earlier, and that fit into it too.

My paediatrician usually recomments duolin along with saline water so I have no idea how effective just saline water will be. Please let us know the results after you use, since it would be great if I could avoid medication if possible!

You will get saline water 10 ml respules that you can use how much ever you want at one time. Usually along with duolin, I use 2 ml saline. Even a large bottle(100ml) of saline is around Rs. 10 and you can use an injection syringe to take out how much ever you need.



alsu 2010-12-14 14:33:50


thank u so much ira, saran and aparna,

i also enquired in a local pharmacy and the cost is 2400Rs.  but the brand is different from wat u have all mentioned.. the cost doesnt make big difference from wat u have all mentioned.. so will buy it nearby pharmacy only..

aparna - thanx for mentioning about the mask size. as u said my son is puny and tht mask wil be big for him..

will surely try with saline water and let u know..

thanx for ur inputs..



alsu 2010-12-14 17:35:39


i have bought omron nebulizer for RS. 2500. i have got the saline water and tried it with my son.. he is totally refusing to keep it.. he is shouting and crying so badly.. he is scared to use it.. but i forced a little. the kit came along with adult mask and child mask.

i tried to myself the first time. it was like chill water and air spraying into the nose and mouth. is it coz i just used saline water?those who r using medicine do u find it the same or do u get any kind of smell?

i also want to know for how many minutes v need to use this? and how many times in a day if i use it wil be helpful?


apster 2010-12-14 18:54:22


hi Alsu,

The first few times are always a bit difficult because the child will not like it and will also be very restless. But after that they get used to it - my son (now 2 yrs 9 months)will go and sit on the bed very nicely and ask for his mask and even shake it at the end to make the medicine get over!

When used along with medicine, there is usually smoke coming out which has a smell to it, I haven't tried it myself but I don't think it smells any better because of the medicine. With 2 ml of saline and 0.5 ml medicine it usually lasts about 3-4 minutes (not exact). You can try with 2.5 ml saline I think. Try to get him to keep his mouth closed and just let the excess vapour escape through the holes in the side.

My doc usually prescribes twice a day for 3 days or so, sometimes 3 times a day if wheezing is severe.



Daddy2U 2010-12-15 04:01:48


Nebulizeris a good option..infact i think its a must...for kids having continous wheeze or chest conjustion problems. You could give them instant relief and help them to sleep for a while.Duolin is good and helps recover faster.

You could use once in three is severe/once in 6 hrs depending on situation.If you rush your kid to the hospital thats tall they are going to do.

Go get a nebulizer.



purvee 2010-12-21 10:40:46


Hi Alsu,


Even I bought HandyCam Nabilizer. It is good one. But i would like to suggest you to continue with homeopathy medicine if it is too sevear then and then only use nabuliser. My son who is 3 years now is suffering from severe cold, cough and chest congestion. he is having alergy of artificial color. so, my doctor suggest me to stop giving him cake, chocolates, coldrinks, colored food, even citrus fruits. I generally use asthalin + one solution suggest by my doc for nebulization. by 2-3 sitting his cough will be cured but it is not a permananet solution.

You need to whether she is not having any kind of alergy? if yes, then plz continue with homeopathy. I see good result for my son.



alsu 2010-12-21 12:37:02


 thanx for ur replies..

i used it with saline water about 2times. i saw improvement during his sleep. he was able to sleep without cough in the night.  but in day time it is the same. i continue using homeopathy pills only. but its very slow. my son's immunity is low plus he is underweight. so he has no stamina to bear the severe cold.

he has no allergy. but for the past 20days he has all symptoms of cold. he has running nose,blocked nose, cough, vomiting,fever.. for the 20days i gave only homeopathy but didnt see any improvemnt. homeopath has also changed medicines and potency but no change. so finally went to the allopathy doctor . he gave antibiotics telling lot of chest congestion. after tht only 2day he is better but not cured fully.

all doctors say its coz of bangalore climate. Sept,oct,november 3months he took homeo pills for immunity and was fine. but from dec 1st he has cold and still has. 

hope he gets cured soon..

thanx for ur replies.. 


alsu 2011-01-03 22:43:50



my sons cold and cough and fever still persists and he is now diagonised with pneumonia in the right lower lobe.. dr said v wil put him in antibiotics for 2days. if he is fine ok or else v need to get him admitted and give antibiotics in IV. im really scared and worried now.. 

he is just 9.4kg. looks very puny and thin. he cannot bear the pain.. IV is really too much for his body.. 

just praying to god tht he shud be fine with oral antibiotics itself.. 


SoumyaSG 2011-01-03 23:43:59


Hi Alsu,

First, you dont get panicked.  If u get panicked, who will take care of your son?  These are the times when we moms need to be really strong.  I know it is easy for me to say, but I would still say because you should not get panicked.

Just make sure you are going to the right pediatrician.  We all will pray to God.  Dont worry....




anshita 2011-01-07 10:58:16



The idea behind Nebulization with saline is to give steam inhalation to the child. Just like adults do when they have a congestive cold.

Also during an attack of asthma, bronchitis or upper respiratory teact infection, the respiratory passages become narrow or blocked. So steam helps reduce that swelling.

Medicine + Saline in the nebulizer does the same. Only difference is , if the child is suffering form asthma, medicine helps reduce the blockage quicker.

Sometimes when an illness is progressed too far, homoeopathy may not give desired results , espcially if one wants instant results.

But mostly if Homoeo medicines are started early, the disease may not progress this far.

Hope the kid is doing fine now.


swastik921 2012-12-14 12:50:25



i used nebuliser for my twins baby.

its much much safe.i used deolin 2.5ml.

u can babies feel relax after using it.


Rubu 2012-12-14 13:02:02


Nebulizer - Completely safe

Use it with Medication

Change your doctor

Chest Infections needs to be treated with antibiotics stimes

recommend this doctor- narayana hrudalaya called rajiv Aggrawal for consulting. fee rs 250. No Nonsense doctor.

Cut back on milk, house shud be dust free, windows closed during early morning. kids shud be wearing full clothes, rub down with vicks, steam is also good.

child wud vomit cause of cough, loss of appetite, dehydration - prevent that by giving ORS solution ...


harini123 2018-02-16 06:43:35


Alsu, I know it's too late reply, but i just happened to see your post. How did u manage the above situation? 


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