How are these Ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold? Septilin, Kofol?

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mango_mama 2009-07-30 13:23:35



My kids have been swimming and have had cough and cold for 3/4 weeks. No fever. Someone recommended Septilin (Himalaya company) and Kofol (Charak comapany). I have been giving it and i think it has helped. My daughter's runny nose has almost gone and the son seems to be in control.

My husband has been chiding me for all the "quack" stuff that have been putting down my kids throats. ;-)

So I thought I would check with you all. Wanting to make sure it is okay? Any experiences or information about these?

Thanks a lot in advance.

 Former member 2009-07-30 14:05:50


Hi, Septilin is good medicine - it increases immunity...good for kids.

I also give this to me kid as he has cough and cold frequently which is normal for kids till age 5

Kofol - not really aware



saketchiaai 2010-03-12 06:57:55



I wanted to know whether we can give septiline while giving already multivitamin syrup.


mango_mama 2010-03-12 07:11:03


Might want to double check with your doc Saket but it sounds okay to me.


NJ 2010-03-12 09:57:18


Hi Saket,

I have heard that Septillin syrup has helped some people in this forum. So encouraged, I discontinued his multivitamin drops in favor of Septilin syrup. But that month, he got sick with coughs and fever thrice(3 times in the same month!!!). So I stopped Septilling syrup and I am only giving him his usual Zincovit drops. I do not think Septillin syrup in addition to multivitamin would cause a problem. Since Septillin is supposed to contain Amla which in turn is rich in Vit C. Vit C is water soluble, So excess of this vitamin does not get stored in the system , but gets passed out. 

But Is the multivitamin you are giving your kid already working for your child , ie he is not falling sick often and if the vitamin already contains Vit C, then you do not have the need to give your kid Septillin syrup.


saketchiaai 2010-03-12 10:02:38


Thnks mango_mama.


saketchiaai 2010-03-12 10:07:26


Hi Nj,

Yes "Kidicare" contains vit C. Saket (my son) never fall sick like that. but he suffers only from cough & running nose. if I asked our Dr . he says "U all mummies have single child syndrome so don't give any medicine & don't care so much..."



NJ 2010-03-12 10:10:54


My kid was not falling sick often to start with when I was giving him multivitamin drops. But I wanted to switch to a more natural option which does not contain preservatives which is why I tried Septillin syrup. But anyway Septillin syrup also has those presevatives(methylparaben,ethylparaben etc). But the only advantage I think is that his ped told me its a course for 3 to 6 months. So it needs to be given temporarily while multivitamin needs to be given as long as the child builds enough immunity. She told me that Septillin needs to be given for kids who have acute and recurrent problems with the respiratory system, like some kids froth and continously salivate at the mouth due to cough when sleeping. So this did not need to be given to my son, but anyway I gave it to him.



NJ 2010-03-12 10:12:19



How often does your son falls sick and if he falls sick how long does he take to recover(not with antibiotics).


NJ 2010-03-12 10:18:41


One thing I give my kid when he gets cough(touchwood he has not got one for last 2 months) is  Honitus , 5 ml 3 to 4 times a day till the cough clears. The last time he developed a cough, I just gave him Honitus and in 2 to 3 days he became completely ok.


saketchiaai 2010-03-12 10:28:14



He gets cough once a month. his has a heat body. In this season in Hyd, I think he will not suit the honey. Thnks for the suggestion.


mickey 2010-03-12 10:54:13


Hi Mango-mama,Pritam ,Saket and NJ !

I haven't tried Septilin or kofol .But I am giving tripahala churnam mixed with honey to my 2.10 yr old daughter.Its a bit bitter but tastes good with honey. Should be given in the morning on empty stomach and the child should not have anything for next 15-20 minutes. 1/4 th spoon is enough for a 2yr old kid.It can be again followed with honey if the bitter taste persists in their mouth.

My daughter used to have running nose and cough frequently. I also used homeo for some months.But this churan has proved very effective. I was suggested by one ayurvedic doc .Its good for all kinds of respiratory problems and for general well being. It improves the immunity also at the same time.No preservatives.Totally natural.

I can see lot of improvement in her and the frequent bouts of cold have reduced considerably.  Touchwood....

I bought it from an exhibition of ayurvedic products.It costs Rs 54 .

I give Brahmi Churanam along with Triphala to my elder daughter who is 13yrs old .Brahmi is a good brain tonic ,improves circulation of face ,head area ,improves recalling ability,reduces small headaches ,induces good sleep,fights memory loss and good for skin.But this has to be given only for grown up kids after 6 yrs or so .

Actual address is 

GLO Herbals 41-22,Moulali Main road,Hyd

phone 98480 13958 . U can also write to

I spoke to Mr. Rao on the above number and got convinced with the product. May be u  can call and check out tomorrow. He was busy when i called him up now for another bottle of Triphala churanam ,as one of his relatives was hospitalised and told me to call after sometime.He will clear all your doubts and apprehensions regarding this product.

We can also get it in  Vengalrao Nagar opp to Brahmam Talent School . I may have to go to bring another bottle of this churnam after two days or so.If interested i will let u know the precise address.

I gave Septilin to my elder daughter when she was 3yrs old for sometime. But somehow it didn't work out for her. I switched over to chyawanprash to improve her immunity as i didn't know about this churan then.

Ayurvedic products are very good and safe ,time tested and improves the immunity in the long run. It doesn't have any side effects. For our satisfaction, we can always consult an ayurvedic doc before using these products.







saketchiaai 2010-03-12 11:11:22



How do u manage giving little bit bitter churan? Hats off caring mom!

As per my experience with my son it's very very difficult. He is very fussy about taste.



mickey 2010-03-12 12:44:10


Hi Saket !

Try to deviate his attention by talking something or give some toy which interests him. Mix it with honey and put it in his mouth after he is done with his brushing.There is no option than to swallow. Follow with 1 spoon of honey again. You will have problem for two days or so. But then he will start taking it without making any fuss. Many of my cousins have tried it. It works.




stj 2010-03-21 10:39:21


was wondering if any of u know a good vit c syrup. Used to give my daugther Zincovit, ut i'm looking for something that has a higher amt of vit c. She has been getting cold alot after going to playschool.

Have any of u have tried seven seas cod liver oil?


KALPAN 2010-03-30 16:55:07



Hi all wanted to share my experience.

Even for my daughter (4,5 yrs) cough,cold was the problem.  But i  started homeopathy and it works for small children wonderfully for cold n cough.  In addition to this u can start giving your child  SITOPHALADI CHURNA daily in the morning and at night mixed with honey n SEPTILIN twice a day after lunch and dinner.  no side effects for these 2 ayurvedic medicines. Allopathy doctors prescribe SEPTILIN  for small children having frequent cold/cough.  It improves the resistance power in your child. I also tried seven seas cod liver oil but my daughter used to get cough next day as it is oil. so stopped that. SEPTILIN has been prescribed by my ped plus an ENT specialist also when my daughter had the problem in ear due to cold/cough.

SITOPHALADI CHURNA mixed with HONEY and SEPTILIN gives wonderful results.

Try this. all the best


mickey 2010-03-31 11:18:33


Hi Kaplan,

Are u giving Septilin and SITOPHALADI  churna along with Homoeopathy ? Where do u get this churna ? Is it recommended for 3yr old kids ?

I have started homeo for my daughter who is 3 yrs old  who has perennial cold.

I have been giving her homeo since 9 months. The moment ,I stop homeo , she has cold again.

The Homeo Doc gives her  pills  for every 15-20 days. Due to some reason, if i am unable to go to the doc on time and there is delay in taking the homeo medicine , she is back  with her running nose.

Frequent use of antibiotics and sinarest for cold is not advisable. Hence i too have shifted to Homeo and tried Triphala churna too.




KALPAN 2010-03-31 14:47:51


Hi Mickey

Yes SEPTILIN and SITOPHALADI CHURNA can be given in addition to homeopathy medicines. I am giving my daughter these two daily alongwith homeo and believe me it had made wonders. Previously almost every month I had to take her to ped for cold/cough/fever and then antibiotics for 5-7 days and then again after the week the same circle.  The ped started thinking that she might be having TB and the test for that was also done, the results of which came on borderline.  After that I was soooo worried that I said enough of this allopathy and I shifted to homeo.  But I was regularly checking on her weight as normally in TB there is unknown weight reduction. The ped gave some pump n all also for her. Anyway now her tendency for cold/cough/fever has come down like anything.  And this SEPTILIN was prescibed by ped only to increase her immunity system.

So try this out. SEPTILIN 5ml twice daily after lunch and dinner. It tastes good and children love to take this.  They sleep well also after taking this.  And SITOPHALADI CHURNA (Vaidyanath - u can get this in any ayurvedic or normal medical shops also) 3 pinches mixed with 1 tb honey, mix it well and to be given immediately after brushing in the morning and night while going to bed followed by small amount of lukewarm water.

Try this n all the best.

Yes it can be given for 3 yr old child. As I also started for my daughter around that age only.  She is now 4 n half years.




mickey 2010-03-31 15:34:01


Thanks Kalpan. Is the Sitophaladi Churna similar to Triphala ? Any idea ? Do we need to consult an ayurvedic doc for using the churna u mentioned ?




KALPAN 2010-03-31 16:03:39


I don't know about Triphala churna. I have never got that. But no need to consult an ayurvedic doc for giving this Sitophaladi Churna.  It works as a general tonic also for the kid. Their apetite also increases.


mickey 2010-04-01 13:51:30


Thanks Kalpan. I will try the churna soon.




aanchal 2010-04-01 17:13:48


hi mickey and kalpan,

sitopaladi mixed with honey is an excellent medicine for cold and cough..but it heats up the stomach and may cause constipation. so you need to watch out for drying stools when u give sitopaladi..i was having double thoughts about septillin..but after reading this discussion, i am convinced about its effectiveness..will start soon with my son who is 2.6 and gets bouts of cold often.

any idea, what to do in case of allergies? will septillin help build resistance towards allergic coughs too?


mickey 2010-04-01 19:05:02


Hi Aanchal,

Thanks for the info. I will watch out. You have got to keep a watch on the things that cause allergy. It might be dust, eggs, some fruit ,perfume which you use etc. The best thing would be to avoid those things. However the only best treatment which works out for allergies is Homeopathy.

You can consult a good Homeo Doc for allergic cough/cold/skin problem etc.

It is safe with no side effects. Regarding Septillin , i am not sure if it builds resistance against allergic cough.


Mickey. (Hey Aanchal , I have always seen u replying and helping out others....

so you are at the other side of the fence too . Nice to see you here )



aanchal 2010-04-01 20:23:56


hey mickey, i am at the both sides of the fence..being a mother one can never be too sure..for health issues as well as developmental ones

in fact, u may find one of my write-ups on this interesting


mickey 2010-04-02 17:44:12


Hi Aanchal, Read your article. I am really touched  .Rgds,Mickey


KALPAN 2010-04-05 09:54:25



Septilin increases resistence power.  And it also helps against allergic cough.  In fact my daughter is having allegic cough only. Homeo alongwith septilin and sitophaladi churna has worked for me and has given me great relief.  Sitophaladi is hot but not so if given in right quantity. In summer you can give it only once in the morning. I have been giving that to my daughter now about for 2 years. No side effects n all. If required you can add a small pinch of JESTHAMADH powder to this mixture. Jesthamadh is cold so balances the mixture.  But I have not tried that. One of my friends told me.



stj 2010-04-12 10:40:21


can septalin be given for a 2 yr 9 month old kid?

My dot is getting frequent colds and ough ever since she has started playschool a couple of months back  . I'm now fed up with the cycle of t-minic /allegra etc and want to build up her resistance. Her eating habits are also going down the hill due to the frequent colds.... , so her resistance is down.... its just a vicious cycle!!



KALPAN 2010-04-12 15:40:30


Hi stj

Yes ! Septilin can be given for 2 yr 9 month old kid.  I started it for my daughter when she was 2 yrs and this was prescribed by my ped only to increase her resistance power since she was having frequent cold n coughs. Septilin has no side effects and I myself seeing the results.  So go ahead. It will not give immediate results but slowly it builts up the resistance. 5ml twice a day after lunch n dinner. 


maruthi 2010-04-13 00:13:00



     Is Himalaya Septilin is ok?or any other specific brand?

     I got only Himalaya product in the shop.


KALPAN 2010-04-13 09:41:54


Hi maruthi

yes it is himalaya septilin only.



sthawari 2010-05-04 13:46:14



Thanks to all. I am mother of 16months old baby girl. She is also facing this cold and cough problem and b'coz of which she has developed a conjection. I consulted two famous doctors. her reports (blood and X-ray) both are normal. They suggested for cold and cough - Sinerest and Distractor

and for fever - Junior Brufen or Crocin Suspension.

She also had fever last weenend so i went to doctor. He told me to give same medicines. now again since sunday evening she is havig fever. And I am continuosly giving these medicins. Now I am little worried how long should I give these medicines??

I want some permanent solution for her cold-cough and fever.

As my baby is 16months old only, are Septilin and Sitophaladi Churan safe for her?? Please suggest.

Also we are about to fly to US in a month. I have read ( in a net in many sites) that in a flight person having cold and cough may get lots of problems. Is it correct? So before travelling I want her to be cold-cough free.

As I am working and drop her at Day care, I am more worried. Doctors told me not to give her milk. but in night she prefers only milk. please suggest in this regard also.

Please help me out ASAP.

Thanks in advance.



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