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alsu 2010-11-26 12:30:15



i came across this Nutrilite Protein powder. heard its a good food supplement.. i heard

Amway is selling these products exclusively..

is anyone using this? can u plz tell me if this is really doing good to kids health?

also where do u get this and the price of it??


mickey 2010-11-26 13:21:01


Hi Alsu,

I used it for a couple of months sometime back . I didn't find much difference. I feel it is better to use regular Soya powder  in all dishes like dosa or idli batter, dough or cake batter to add more protein  content.  It costs around Rs 700 -800. I am not sure about its price  now. You can get it from an Amway distributor.



alsu 2010-11-27 15:42:39


thanx mickey...

r u talking about the soya flour? i have not still used this.. will try them..

can u suggest me any milk powders to add in milk.. both my kids r fussy eaters.

but they take milk properly. i thought if i can giv them some substitute it would do some good.. they r taking Pediasure now..




 Former member 2010-11-27 16:56:58


Amway is a marketing company and their products are prices 10 times than the actual cost. Nutrilte- Its absolute Pshychic selling, since they know all baby products are easiest to sell.ilite.

You may like to soak few seeds of almonds, apricots and Figs and give a spoonful to your child, which is much much beneficial than Nutralite or add soya floor to the diet which is much better and cheaper option.

When I was in hostel and my Mom used to send me those Stupid dubbas which I never consumed and gave away to kaamwali baais who inturn may have fed it to street Dogs. Its absolute waste of money. My heart still feels the weight for what a fool Amway makes of Indian Parents and households.




mickey 2010-11-27 17:33:56


Yes Alsu,  We get good soya flour in  super markets too. You can try any one of them. But don't mix it in the milk. You can mix it in atta  or dosa, cake or idli batter.  I too use pediasure for my little one who is a fussy eater.  As suggested by Sheetal, i too would suggest you to make a nutrituous mix of badam , kaju , walnuts, pista and grind them together. Roast  them in  cow ghee before grinding it. You can mix it with a pinch of sugar if required and store it an air tight container . You can serve this mix with  kismis too. It will taste better.

You can also use Nutrilite kids chewable tabs as such and no harm in trying one bottle  of Nutrilite protein powder  and a bottle of kids chewable tabs for your kids.




iamchetana 2010-11-27 21:49:48


I have used Nutrilite products for my child and also for other children who have learning issues, concentration issues and poor muscle tone etc.. They work wonders.


maau 2010-11-29 11:20:21


Dear all,

I have read all your discusion it's really very helpfull for me.As my daughter is 5 years old  would also like to give her soya powder.


shovin 2010-12-09 16:59:42


its good for kids health. its price is approximately 800rs for 200 gm and 1600 for 500gm


alsu 2010-12-09 17:23:33


thanx for all ur inputs and informations..


SudhaSai 2010-12-09 19:22:38



Nutirlite Protein Powder is different from the others in the market. They have a separate frams for Nutrilite and all ingredients are Organic so it wont hurt you.

Also, take any Protien Powder in the market, the content of protien in the label is less than 25% but for Nutrilite it is close to 80%. Simple logic, when you buy chocolate milk shake, you expect chocolate flavor/taste in it. So when you buy Protein, expect Protien content in it

Recommendation by DRs. You need to take 1gm/kg of protein of your weight. that is if your 50kg, you need to take 50 grams of protien. For kids we need to give 1.5gms/kg and pregnant women 1.75 grams/kg.

Also Nutrilite Protien can be added with any food e.g. Idli/Dosa dough, chappathi, soup, maggi etc

For kids, please give the Kids Drink avaialble in Nutrilite and you will see an amazing difference






alsu 2010-12-10 14:14:09


hi sudha sai..

thanx for ur explanation.. i have decided to buy nutrilite. can u tell me how much it costs and where to find it in bangalore? i tried some pharmacy and supermarkets. but didn find one..


SudhaSai 2010-12-10 15:44:06


Please give me your mobile number and i can give you the details


alsu 2010-12-10 16:16:38


u contact me by my couldnt send to ur inbox. option not available.


SudhaSai 2010-12-10 16:33:05


I tried to send a mail to your id and it bounced.  Is there any alternate email id


sripriya 2010-12-10 16:35:12


Hi Alsu,

With regard to protein supplements i would suggest u to consult ur paediatrician before u start it.Last week i too consulted my paediatrician for a protein supplement like Amway Nutrilite,but she advised not to go for it now,but let them grow little older,bcos protein supplements have adverse effect on the kidney.(My twins r 4.3 yrs old)

Some simple protein rich diet would be:

1. 1 cup of thick dal everyday(u can split it into 3 parts one part for breakfast,lunch  and evening snack or for supper).U can even mix dal with wheat flour and make chappathis.

2. 5 - 6 almonds or cashews or handful of peanuts during snack time.

3. Try one sundal(boiled green gram,kabuli channa,horse gram,rajma, etc) everyday.

4.Stuffed sweat chappathis.(stuffing out of boiled bengal gram dal nicely ground and sugar added to it.My kids all time favourite! )

Hope this helps.


BrillAdith 2010-12-10 16:48:35


I  agree with Sheetal, we need to be careful about these so called organic foods. I am a microbiology graduate and I am always beware of genetically modified stuff. What is the proof that this one ( nutilite) is not.

As long as natural foods are fed to children and infact it makes sense to introduce them to these natural foods early rather than the tinned powders, as we grow old it becomes difficult to get into eating natural food.

I used to hate vegetables, until i became pregnant and I am regreting having done this.


bhuvanaraman 2010-12-10 19:57:22


Amway's Nutrilite protein powder is for adults and for the kids they have nutrilite health drink in 3 diff flavors vannila, chcolate and mango.... it helps in over all improvement in a child.... immunity, bone growth, memory etc., if the child wants to gain weight can mix one scoop full with milk and give htem or can mix with water and give them.... no need to add sugar... and it works wonders....


msl 2011-01-12 14:36:37


very interesting discussion....but the simple point to note as to why we are opting for these supplements

1) due to the fast paced life, as working mom's we cannot provide the freshly cooked or freshly cut fruits to our kids.

2) the nutrients are lost in the process of storing the vegetables/fruits, cooking process and also consuming the food after long gap after packing it.

Taking Supplements does not mean, we can avoid taking the normal regular routine. inspite of all the 3-4 days meals etc if we take as per the healty eating habits, we will be able to provide only 50% of the requirement.

At a young age , we may not realise this, but once we cross 30yrs, our body starts sending signals.

so the reason we hv to give these to kids as well as take these supplements.

with regard to cost, you have to check how much of nutrients the tablet is giving n if we have to consume the same equivalent in terms of fruits or veggies, how many kilos we hv to eat and what is the cost n can we really give time to eat so much?

also what is the absorption rate for this? there may be cheaper subsitutes, but they are syntetically made and they will have side effects.

a simple example, we all might hv taken ShellCal (calcium supplement). take a tablet and put it in a glass full of water. wait for 20-30 mins. after this if u try to mix the sediments with a spoon, you will see that it is lime like (choona) that we use for whitewash. This tab comes for 2-3 rs, but what is the side effect if it enters the intestines?

given this info, you are the best person to decide, if u need more info, do mail me.


AMP 2011-01-12 15:54:23


 Indiscriminate food supplements are harmful to the body. Too much of protein causes kidney problems. Most of these companies sell whey protein. Why don"t you make whey at home and knead chapaties and cook rice with it. They will never realise it. This considering that you are a vegetarian. Otherwise, nothing works better a good old boiled egg.


alsu 2011-01-12 16:14:49


 thanx to all..

my son is really fussy.. he likes idly,dosa, dal rice or rasam rice or sambar rice. never tries anything new.. and wil drink milk. now he has just started eating chicken. 

after grows he would like the taste and will eat.. but now i feel he doesnt get the required vitamin,protein and mineral. i dont want to give a multivitamin syrup. so thought wil give some supplement. coz nutrilite can b added to all tht he eats thought it would give him some immunity. 

@mickey,sheetal - wen he was small i made tht porridge with all nuts and dal and gave. but now he doesnt like. i do mix soya powder with chappathi and dosa idli batter. 

his immunity level is ver very low. he has just recoverd from pneumonia. so want to take care so tht he doesnt get infected again. i do give homeopathy medicines for immunity. along with it the food he takes is more important. 

sudhasai - my mail id is 



RAMK 2011-01-12 17:29:04



Read all the above posts, my son never used to drink milk then i slowly started giving him complan and PROTINEX which even elders can have




mridulaartsteacher 2011-01-12 22:01:58


I will vote for egg white if you are an eggetarian :) Also I have learnt from a nutritionist that egg in cooked form is absorbed by the body else it gets excreted.

I wish someone had informed my MOM about this 20 years back she wouldn't have made me drink that half boiled stuff .. yuck


AMP 2011-01-14 11:13:45


 Hey Mridula, the half boiled stuff is given by almost all mothers it seems. I enjoyed it though. Chicken ofcourse is the next best thing.

I gave my child Herbal life's Dinoshake for sometime for the same reason as you. I did not see any marked improvement in my kid. She got better by herself after sometime. My son has less immunity and falls sick quite often, but I stick to the natural food. You can try Amway's too for some time to atleast to put your mind to rest that you have done everything. 


ushakiranrajani 2011-01-18 11:40:10


Hi all,

A very interesting discussion.

Ours is a nutrilite family. We are using NUTRILITE PRODUCTS for our kids 9.5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old twin sons.Me and wife are using nutrilite supplements.

For the last two years , We have never approched the doctor except for immunisation.

My father is a doctor and He is happy about the manufacturing process of Nutrilite.

My mother is Happy with nutrilite protein powder.









srsavi 2011-01-31 09:39:13


When my son was small, the doc used to prescribe Calcium and Multivitamin syrup's for him but somehow he never liked the taste and after I checked with a few parents and found that  some docs were not prescribing suplements I also did not bother if he didnt take it.

I do try to maintain a good diet but it is a challenge as my son is fussy about vegetables. Thanfully of late he has started having it .

I should think if we were able to give 4-5 eggs in a week and daal on a regular basis, combined with the daily dose of milk we shouldnt have to bother about these supplements.

Also at least a  fruit everyday should be a good addition  for the minerals and vitamins.



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