How to cope with congestion caused by swimming?

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shobha 2008-09-08 16:43:57


My son always develops a bad congestion, wheezing and ear pain when he goes swimming. We do the following things : fill the room with eucalyptus oil vapour, make him chew palm sugar candy, give him turmeric and pepper milk and discontinue his swimming for a few days.  He becomes okay, but the moment he starts swimming he develops these symptoms within the next few days. Are any of you in the same boat? if so it would be great if you could share with us your experiences, remedies, trials and tribulations.

mango_mama 2008-09-08 16:59:32


Hi Shobha,

Both kids also tend to have a cough triggered by  pool water. I think our doc said possible allergy because of over chlorinated water. Cannot help that. Doc gave some Cetzine or Relent or something to be taken at night. It did help. But I tend to persist and take them for swimming anyway. Had to decide what was important--exercise, swimming. They had a nagging cough. But wheezing is more serious.

Now I do not know for sure but Gautam used to get colds very often and last year around Dec, I started him on a Dabur Chawanprash regimen and I think it really helped (or maybe as the Doc said it was his turning 5--a turning point). Ever since this, I am a big fan of Dabur Chawanprash and do not lose any opportunity to champion it. The company seriously should give us some free Dabur Chawanprash. ;-)

You could also try herbal remedies like honey with black pepper for cough, milk with turmeric...

Chennai probably is not as cold as Bangalore, but I find those wet suits (with neoprene) lining useful as well for insulating them.

Take care,





shobha 2008-09-08 20:13:23


Have you checked if Dabur Chawanprash has any metal content like lead in it? I did start them off on Chawanprash but I read so many articles on how ayurvedic medicines contain lead and other harmful metals in them and it scared me off. So please let me know if you have any information/data on this it will be really helpful. Thanks.


mango_mama 2008-09-09 10:38:55



That thought did come to my mind. But I thought Dabur was a big and trusted brand name and would not risk high lead content items so easily. I thought about the time-testedness and tradition aspects and just went with the flow. But, you know it is valid point.

Any info. on lead in items like Dabur Chawanprash will be very appreciated as well.




shan 2008-10-21 17:58:53


This is a very easy problem to handle.provided u know how to. chyawanaprash contains morethan fifty ingredients.Some of the herbs are extinct too.being a sastric medicine,many companies manufacture this medicine..But each has its own taste, quality and smell.not to find faults with the manufacturers. the alternatives used instead of the extinct medicines do this magic.

The main line of treatment would be to increase the resistance power of your child and reduce his body's sensitivity. once the sensitivity is reduced the body wont respond to the external or internal allergies. just taking decongestants or anti hiatamines yield temporary releif. If the child develops hyper reactice airways, it is going to be terrible for the child as well as the mother

Plan a healthy food style with some physical activities.if u let me know his food activities and other allied symptoms i can suggest some effective Ayurvedic medicines. Dont worry ..releif is just am arm's length away...i will get back to u regarding the facts and fallacies of lead in Ayurvedic medicines

Dr.Shanti Vijeyapal,





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