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Aanubis 2020-09-05 08:07:13


Namaste All,

My son has recently been diagnosed with lazy eye. Doc has recommended patching and glasses. Want to know if anyone's kid had/has this issue and their experience.
Really need the suggestions and advises as we are also new to this medical issue.

I also read about playing some special games for this eye disorder. Kindly do share any information you have.

Thanks a ton.

Aanubis 2020-09-10 20:10:26


No one has any experience??

Garimalla 2020-09-30 12:04:41



My son have same lazy eye problem, I am from Chennai. Doctor suggested for eye patching, eye exercises and Myopia eye-drops, My son one eye sight is -6.4 when it first tested and it is almost same after 1 and half year. I think this is effective procedure. 
I went for second opinion at my home town and there also I got the same suggestion. Doctors strongly suggesting for eye patching. I bought eye patches from Amazon and those are serving purpose. 

I didn't heard about any special games, doctor suggested to let the children play outside instead of indoors. 


Aanubis 2020-09-30 19:50:11


Thanks a lot for your reply. Our doc gave eye drops to use initially only...for a week. Now only patching. You said power is same from last year... Does that mean no improvement in lazy eye.? I understand that it's not detroiting which is good sign. How many hours does your son do patching?? Obviously outdoors are important but there is something called vision therapy. No so much famous in India. They are like games which kids have to play for like 30 mins everyday. It aims to help them use lazy eye. Do read about it. I'm planning to buy one. I heard Shankar netralaya in Chennai is very good for these issues. Did you consult them too??

Garimalla 2020-10-08 21:32:56


       As per my understanding once after getting eye sight it will never decrease without surgery, but we can stop further damage by these exercises, patching & eye drops. As per my doctor eye sight is not increasing is a good sign but it should improve further. My son wearing patch for 1 hour per day but doctor suggested for 5 hours minimum. I didn't consulted Sankar Netralaya, 
       Thanks for vision therapy suggestion, I will try and let you know.  


vimal1982 2021-07-20 01:21:08


hi all,
can anyone share his experience now?



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