Adenoids and tonsillitis

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6meet 2020-02-02 03:11:14


Hello, My daughter had cold and fever when she was 10 months old and we consult child specialist he said it's common cold and flu , he wrote antibiotics . After that she had cold and fever every time within the gap of 1 to 2 months and we always rush to him and he wrote antibiotics like (Augmentin, Advent 200, Clamp kid forte with crocin). It repeatedly happened until she was turned to 2 years... Doctor always said it is common flu and small baby has tendancy to catch it 8 to 10 times in a year.. Then my daughter was diagnosed with confirmed x-ray that she has enlarged adenoids at the age of 2 and we were advised to stop preservatives food chips, juices, cold drinks etc. We gave her METASPRAY FOR 3 MONTHS CONSTANTLY AND LC MONTAIR KID 4MG REGULAR FOR 6 MONTHS . Even I CONSULT CHEST SPECIALIST, She prescribed to give her nasal spray AVMAYS for 3 months ALONG with inhaler BUDECORT 50 mcg & LEVOLIN 50 mcg inhaler for 3 months + nebulizer + FURAMIST NASAL SPRAY for 3 months but nothing seems worked. The following symptoms are 1)snoring, wheezing 2) unable to sleep with being in one state and constantly changes her position to get better sleep 3) nasal blockage and tends to sleep with open mouth to breathe 4) chronic coughing with phlegm ( changes color from green to brown) and caught high fever during season change ( in months of Jan , Feb, March , April) ever year. Now she turns to 4 years old and when she got Fever during these months , it gets low when she get treated with ANTIBIOTICS along CROCIN. I have tried (Homeopathic with CROCIN) too in this condition but fever drops from 103°to 100° for 1 hour and again increase within next 2 hours without antibiotics. ALLOPATHY. We consult with ENT and anti allergy specialist, he had some anti allergy test on her, results were negative, last year. He suggested to consider surgery but I am not interested. She is suffering from fever yesterday we went to ENT guy he said due to ENLARGED ADENOIDS which is 90% swollen and she tends to have cough with phlegm which fall into her NECK and cause SWOLLEN TONSILLITIS and changing weather triggers that allergy and infection which cause fever. He has given 6 to 7 medicines today allopathy and antibiotics. Her fever has drop down now.. Now she is going to be 4 years and I am giving her REPL Dr. Advice no.4 Adenoids for last 1 month. It is composed of Baryta carbonica 6- 1.75 ml ,Baryta update 6 -1.75ml , Calcarea phosphorica 6- 0 .75 ml ,Calcareca carbonica 6- 0.25 ml ,Agraphis mutants Q 0.50 ml. I am really worried, please give me the Homeopathic medicine list with their names and problems with dosage.. Waiting eagerly for reply.. Thanks in advance for considering my message.

kavi1010 2021-02-23 19:02:45


Try homeopathy treatments. They do claim they have 100% solution for adenoids. Im not sure though i haven't tried myself. Just give it a try. Also give as much as immune boosting foods like soups, (tomato, chicken), tulsi leaves every morning, homemade chawanprash , ginger lemon honey tea. Hope this helps.


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