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Dips1234 2018-09-14 16:40:52


Dear All,

I need a help and expert opinion.I am based out of Bangalore and in this allergic weather my daughter is frequently suffering from cough , cold , wheezing.As a result she has been very irregular in her school.

She is currently taking 2 puffs per day of Seroflo and even then sometimes suffers from throat allergies.Can you please guide whether this can to be continued in the long term or for those of you who have managed to overcome similar problems , please suggest.


 Former member 2018-09-21 12:03:31


Seroflo contains glucocorticoid, a steroid named fluticasone. I dont know what concentration she is using but it is not for long term usage. Short term use of steroids during acute phase and rest by other medicines and precautions should be the strategy as this is going to need long term followup with your doctor. Although fluticasone taken in inhaler is much safe than other steroids and tablet intake, still monitor her for side effects like slow growth and weight gain and any mood or behavior changes, fungal infections esp in the mouth etc. Asthma is best treated by homoeopathy. Try to consult a very good homoeopath for her in your area. Since it is a need long term problem, go for safest medicine. And ask questions about her health, progress and prognosis etc to the doctor. keeping a well monitored chart as with each attack, duration, severity etc helps. Hope its helpful. Regards.


1400 2018-09-22 12:02:04


Hi Vadahi,

My daughter is also suffering from similar problem and on seroflow for last 5 years. She is 7 years now. The moment we stop inhaler she gets the allergic symptoms back. Can you please tell me a good Homeopath Doctor's name in Bangalore in case you know who has successfully treated this type of diseases?





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