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Raj1smart 2018-06-18 18:47:05


Hi, I am Amit,
My daughter is having seviour constipation problem from Nov. 2018 she is now three years old. we have given her evict syrup, evaque syrup but all in vein. from last three months she got piles. every medicine works for three days for her & again constipation occurs, the stool was very much hard like a rock. we then went to homeopathy the stool gets bit soft but piles arise & get bigger my daughter cry every time she use to pass the stool regular or alternate day but may feel pain so contract the body for not passing stool as it gives her pain in anus area.
we always maintained her diet very properly, with veggies, fruits, a cup of milk a day, ample of water, chapati rice. she weights 11.5Kg. we r now giving her homeopathy but not sure now what to do?
please give some advice.

dushita 2021-05-02 14:18:35


No-one answered this question since it was asked. If everything is ok with the diet, you need to make sure your child is hydrated (drinking enough - remember there are fruit juices with a purgative effect, like pear juice). And also make sure the child is taking enough exercise - not necessarily sports, just walking.Fiber supplements like linseed often help a lot - but they need to be used periodically, on and off, because the digestive system can get too used to them.
Apart from that, by far the safest medicine you can use, frequently if necessary to make sure your child everyday is doing a smelly on the potty, is a suppository - either glycerin suppository or, if it is "hard like a rock", cut half of a dulcolax suppository and use that.


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