Cough for lat 5 months

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situmishra 2018-06-13 00:02:40


Hi all
My kid ( 3.6 years)is having cough since January 2018, when stated schooling for nursery.I tried many allopathic & ayrvedic medicines.The cough was all over the day, after medication it occurs in each alternative day & when it starts it stays for 2 hours. It just suppressed the dough for some days,then cough returns.The doctors conformed it as allergic cough. No sinus issues. From last month onward i started homeopathic. The doctor conformed us nothing serious,it is a issue with weak immune system, the cough it will disappear. I am very worried.Anybody have any idea that how the homeopathic will work & how long the treatment requires ?


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