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gagmon 2010-09-13 13:30:19



Hi all,

I am a wrkng mother of 3 yr boy who is having a weak immune system. he normally gets sick within a few months n every time we've to give him antibiotics. can u please suggest a good ayurvedic Immune booster (Doc suggested pediasure) which doesn't have any side effects. Some Ayurvedic Doc. suggested to Balsarvangasan or Brahmi Gritha. Are  these gud for him?

He doesn't speak yet(only said mama-2 sometimes). Speech therapists said its normal for some kids. is there any ayurvedic medicine or any throat exercise which i should do?
He understanding and listening is also ok."

Right now he takes no supplements or any vitamin tab. Please suggest a gud immune booster for kids and any multivitamin tab alongith doses details which has no side effects.


apar_sai 2010-09-13 14:29:56




I found Septilin syrup - Himalaya and Ayurvedic - to be very good. Please check the syrup label or preferably your paediatrician for dosage etc.




Upma 2010-09-15 09:54:46


You need not worry about your child not speaking yet. Some children are slow in speech due to various reasons. especially if there are no elders in the house and you are managing him alone, the child might be slow. But once these kids start going to school, you can't stop them talking until they sleep. :)

And as for his immunity, theres nothing to worry there either. The environment these days is not so healthy for kids, so they often fall ill. If you don't want to give allopathic medicines, try good old paati vathiyam. make a syrup of tulsi, dry ginger, jeera, 2 or 3 pepper balls by boiling them and strain the syrup and add milk to it and give your child 4 - 5 times a day for cold and/or fever. Its a li'l slow in reaction, but no side effects and is supposed to keep the child immune longer than allopathy medicines.


Venutha 2010-09-15 09:56:55


I give the following ayurvedic syrups to my 3.5 yrs old son on ayurvedic doctor's recommendation daily twice especially during rainy and winter season. You can stop or reduce the dosage in summer. These have absolutely no side effects and develop immunity.  You will find improvement only if these are given for atleast 6months. These medicines can increase heat in the child which you reduce by giving curds, tender coconut or give oil bath etc.

Mix all the syrups about 10ml each diluted in water. If you donot get the mentioned brands, then you can go for Dabur or Baidynath.

Dashmoolarishta (preferably B.V.pundit or sandu brothers)

Ashokarishta (prefarably B.V pundit)

Septillin syrup (himalaya)


gagmon 2010-09-15 12:20:18


Thank u Upma but i m really looking for a good ayurvedic immune booster or multivitamin syrup for his growth.

Thanks Venutha for your advise.

Awaiting gud advise from other moms too.



goodmom 2010-09-15 13:45:52


I give 1 tsp honey to my 3.5 yr old son, daily. I feel that it has improved his immunity greatly.

The honey that I give is not from the ordinary honey bee. I'm not sure what its called, but there is a smaller version of the honey bee that bites, instead of stinging. The honey collected by these bees has more medicinal value. My mother says its because these bees also collect from the Tulsi plant.

I have not been able to find this honey in the market anywhere yet. Currently I've got it from an aquaintance in Kerala who breeds these bees. Since this honey is in greater demand than the ordinary one, its pretty difficult to get. If anyone knows of this honey and whether it can be got in the market, please let me know.

And gagmon, even the ordinary honey has very good medicinal values and can increase immunity well.



NJ 2010-09-15 14:03:41


gagmom, I give my son Zincovit syrup 5 ml once a day. It is not ayurvedic, but it helped my kid.

Also, please do not dismiss the speech delay. Is he responding to name, pointing to objects and following simple instructions(for instance if you ask bring amma the ball, then does he bring you the ball?). If he is not, then please get him assessed immediately.

If he does follow your instructions, responds etc, then he may not be wanting to speak unless he has the need and you need to create that need for him. Is he going to playschool? If not put him in one. Interacting with other children wll help him to talk quicker. You also need to interact more with him, ask him a lot of simple questions and make him ask for things he wants. For instance, If he wants a car and points to it, do not immediately give it to him. Instead ask him whats that he wants. Pretend for a few seconds that you do not understand him. Then say oh you want the car.


NJ 2010-09-15 14:05:37


contd- as I pressed submit a bit too quickly-

Then say oh you want the car(emphasizing on the word "car") and then give it to him.



gagmon 2010-09-15 15:06:35


Thanks goodmom and NJ.

NJ , he responses to our instructions and understands what we are saying and I exactly do the same n dnt gve him the thing as he demands. but he takes little efforts to speak . He goes to play school n active, apart from speaking part.

I'll ask his paeditriacian about Zincovit.

Hey, thanks u all.


Venutha 2010-09-16 08:27:09



One of the ayurvedic syrups that I mentioned is misspelt. Here is the correct combination to try.



Septillin syrup.

I am really sorry for the mistake.




goodmom 2010-09-16 10:46:10


I read in todays newspapaer that most honey brands (except Hitkari) add 2 or 3 antibiotics to their honey. These include Dabur, Baidyanath, etc. If this is the case then giving honey of these brands to our children would do the exact opposite to their immunity - i.e, weaken it drastically.

So try and get honey directly from some honeybee breeders if you can. That would be the safest bet.



gagmon 2010-09-16 11:00:39


Oh dats terrible. We can't trust on these reputed brands.

I dnt hv an idea about any honeybee breeder in E.Delhi. I'll look out for Hitkari Brand.

Thanks Venutha & goodmom for sharing such info.




NJ 2010-09-16 11:14:27


I read about this news in todays paper

I have never bought honey from shops. We used to get it from my uncle who is an agricultural officer in the government. So that way its good.

But I used to buy honitus and it belongs to dabur.. Would they have added antibiotics in that also:-(. Who knows what else we buy from the shops are contaminated with dangerous chemicals. We just go by the ingredients that are on the label. There apparantly are lots of other additives that are not mentioned on the label. I wish the government does regular checks on all the food products to check for consumer safety and give something like a seal on the product so consumers can see that it has been checked for safety.


mickey 2010-09-16 11:31:17


Thats true NJ. The best way to be cautious is to  keep  ourselves informed. But is it really possible practically  for all of us ??? Will any complaints in the consumer forum  from us check these kind of disparities ?? I have my own doubts...

Can't really trust any product /brand these days...

As such i use Agmark Girijan Honey  from Ap Co-operative Society which claims to be very pure . Infact if any product is marked  Agmark, it means that it is tested  and safe to use..



gagmon 2010-09-16 13:29:47


I think it's not practically possible to keep a check on all the products we use.

There are many ayurvedic brands, I dnt no which brand to rely on for ayurvedic products. Patanjali has used 4 antibiotics in their honey... shocking. I was using their eye drops..... and palnned to buy some more products.

Do anybody has an idea which ayurvedic brand products are really safe to use.




Venutha 2010-09-17 09:06:33


I have a cousin who is an MD in Ayurveda. He says, most of the brands Dabur and Baidyanath are not that good and he prefers local brands such as Sandu Brothers, Dhoopateshwar, B.V Pundit etc. He also prepares his own medicines including complicated medicies like Suvarna Bhasma and gives it to patients.

This problem is not in ayurvedic medicnes. It is there even in allopathy medicines. We cannot just believe the ingredients that are mentioned. At the end, all it matters is trust and references from a very good known doctors (be it allopathy, ayurveda or homeopathy).



gagmon 2010-09-17 10:46:33


U r right Venutha.It's all about trust and refernce of gud doc.






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