Dr Deepak Gupta, Delhi and Bio-medicine for Autism

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Anita1 2017-02-03 04:36:24


Hi, We live abroad and my son (now 4) has been diagnosed for ASD. He is non-conversational, doesn't socialise with his peers or anybody else for that matter and is extremely repetitive in his games and behavior. He doesn't even respond to his name. Given this situation, we have booked for the NRI package with Dr Deepak Gupta in New Delhi, but the more I research about the effectiveness of bio-medicine for autism, the more seem to get unsure if I am opting for the best for my son's condition. I will be immensely grateful if parents pour in their insight, advice and experiences on this. Needless to say, I am in a miserable mental state at this point as well given the diagnosis has just been completed, and your help/advice at this juncture will be a god-sent. TIA

7018 2017-03-08 00:15:15


         Please consult a good homoeopath near your place as homoeopathy has good results in managing ASD. There are many sites on the net also which you can go through before deciding whom to consult and what to expect. About the medication your son is already taking enquire about their effectiveness, when to expect what type of changes and its side effects from  the prescribing dr himself as he will be the best person to  giv this information. 



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