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2769 2017-01-27 09:51:26


HI mom's of adhd kids, I would like to know whether your adhd kid was born naturally or by c section? Also would like to know whether they were full term or before due date? I guess the number of adhd has increased in the past because of the unnecessary c sections which the doctors do. Kindly share ur experience. Thank you.

7018 2017-03-08 11:16:55


There is no statistics to prove ADHD happens  due to c sections. It has many other causes reasons. Genetics being very important predisposing cause. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs, many artificial food agents etc during preg. Get good prenatal care. Poor health care during pregnancy brings the risk of developing ADHD

Make sure you have excellent medical care during the delivery of your baby. Lack of oxygen at birth, trauma during birth, and infections acquired during delivery can cause ADHD.

As the child gets older, control the amount of "electronic time" per day, including time spent with TV, CD-ROMs, video games etc.

ADHD is very nicely manageable and may not continue in adulthood if handled finely.

I am a homoeopath and find homoepathy an excellent mode of treatment to deal with ADHD and also more importantly to handle the childhood without the bad influence of allopathic drugs many of which have profound bad effects.

Hope it helps.


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Hi, thank you very much for the info. So, do kids outgrow it as they reach adulthood or does it improve? How will it affect their future life? Thanks


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